What does ghee taste like? How it enhances the taste of any food?

  • August 17, 2021
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What does ghee taste like?

is a very frequently asked question from people who have never tasted it. Those who constantly seek the answer for a healthy option to butter or canola should know about ghee. Some might have kids who hate the taste of coconut oil used in cooking, or they may have burnt extra virgin olive oil too many times when preparing meals. That’s why ghee comes into action to help with taste in every meal.


Ghee, also known as clarified butter or liquid gold, is a convenient opportunity to boost flavor depth to various cuisines. With its versatile nature, ghee can be added to several cuisines and food options to enhance their taste. Usually, ghee butter is cooked only a little longer than regular butter to remove the milk solids.


What does ghee taste like?

Ghee has a buttery flavor with a gently roasted, nutty undertone. At room temperature, ghee is semi-liquid, but when refrigerated, it becomes solid. The nuttiness of ghee comes due to the caramelization of the milk solids. However, if you feel that the ghee is tasting sour, then it is a sign that the ghee is not fresh.


Different ways of using ghee in cooking

On the other hand, ghee flavor can be added to a variety of foods to make them taste better while also providing health benefits. Ghee has a refined flavor with a nuttiness that comes from the milk solids’ caramelization, making it ideal for cooking and as a flavor enhancer for other foods. Here are a few ways you can use ghee to enhance the flavor of your food:


  • For the cooking purpose that boats the overall taste of your dish
  • Melted over your Steamed or Roasted Vegetables
  • Mashed Potatoes or Mashed Root Vegetables
  • Bulletproof coffee that is made using coffee
  • Ghee tastes flavorsome with cooked rice and some added veggies
  • Ghee is also preferred for toast coating by most the people


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