Ghee for constipation: how it helps in getting relief

  • March 12, 2022
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Ghee for constipation cure is a sure-shot way to fight the irritation of the irregular bowel movement. But do you know how does ghee help in curing the irregularities of bowel movement?

Ghee for constipation cure is a proven Ayurvedic remedy you can trust on. However, it’s not a ghee magic. By default, ghee is a natural laxative, which is due to ghee butyrate content. Ghee contains butyric acid and which makes ghee a gut-friendly dairy.

Ghee for constipation control? How it is possible?

Ghee is a dairy product that is rich in fatty acids. The list of fatty acids includes ghee butyrate, which is a short-chain fatty acid and it stands accountable for ghee’s laxative feature.

Constipation is a lifestyle disease, and it involves several physical irritations, irregular bowel movement is one of them. Doctors often prescribe laxatives to cure the irritation of constipation in a way in the form of medicine.

If you add ghee to your regular diet, the ghee butyrate content can work as an antidote for constipation. The oily texture of ghee works as lubricating oil and pacifies the stiffness of bowel formation.  Ghee in the diet helps make bowel movements regular and easier.

 Pure ghee butter offers lubrication to the body and offers support to clear the intestine passage. It helps improving the movement of waste and lessens the risk of constipation.

Not only constipation cure but also, ghee helps in maintaining healthy gut health.  This is why ghee is called a colon-friendly dairy.

ghee for constipation

Ghee for constipation cure: how to use ghee remedy?

If you want to enjoy a ghee cure remedy for constipation cure, you have to learn the uses of ghee for your health.  Some of the easy ways are,

  • Use ghee as your cooking oil instead of using any other cooking oils.
  • Adding ghee in the morning coffee: the raw ghee does with caffeine combo will help you to reduce the discomfort of constipation.
  • You have to mix lukewarm water and pure grass-fed ghee and have the mix before bedtime. You may use milk instead of water if you are sure that you are not dairy intolerant.
  • Use ghee as a seasoning for your keto salad recipes.  You will enjoy ghee butyrate content benefit in your favor.

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