Why frying with ghee is better than frying food with vegetable oils?

  • August 5, 2021
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Frying with ghee is indeed a wise choice.

 Frying with ghee is a healthy choice with 2-way benefits. the fried food tastes flavorful and offers good nutrition value compared to the dishes fried with vegetable oils. Ghee is an excellent alternative to common cooking oils because it is made from cow’s milk fat. For generations, people have used ghee all around the world.

Due to the health advantages of cow ghee, it has just introduced a healthy improvisation in many families in terms of using cooking oils.  Now a health freak knows what ghee is. Health aware people consider Vegetable oils as a low-quality alternative for the real thing, posing a slew of health hazards, such as cancer.

Ghee frying: all the way better than oil fry

Ghee is superior to vegetable oils for a variety of reasons-

Ghee from cows is a nutrient-dense product. Mainly short-chain fats (89%) are found in pure ghee. Longer-chain fats are linked to disorders of the bloodstream. Pure ghee has been found in lab trials to lower cholesterol levels in the serum and gut.

Ghee is a healthier alternative to vegetable oil because it is free of fatty acids. Ghee nourishment is highly nutritious, aids in body cleansing, and vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Ghee has a high smoke point, making it appropriate for roasting and deep frying.


Ghee is an untreated fat that is high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A. Fortified butter, on the other hand, may contain vitamin A. Frying with ghee instead of vegetable oil is a superior option since ghee has a more excellent smoking point, making it a good choice for cooking dishes.

Organic cow ghee contains up to 64 percent good grade saturated fats. Ghee from cows can be consumed fresh or in recipes that include frying with ghee. Because of their fat content, ghee meal recipes are Keto-friendly and healthy.

However, you should use Ghee from reliable sources and grass fed quality to get the best ghee frying benefits. For instance, Milkio Grass-fed ghee from New Zealand offers a high smoke point and excellent frying with ghee experience.

Why New Zealand?

New Zealand is a great source of dairy for a sustainable diet.

“With our natural advantages and unique combination of values as a country – care, ingenuity, and integrity – New Zealand is ideally suited to making one of the essentials of a healthy diet – MILK.

frying with ghee
frying with ghee

The New Zealand dairy industry has a long history as a trusted supplier of safe and sustainable dairy products, exporting for more than 170 years and to more than 130 different markets. We are known for our commitment to a strong global food system, open and free trade, and efficient supply chains, to ensure everyone has access to safe, affordable food.”

Milkio grass-fed ghee is produced with the best New Zealand purity and 150 years of deep dairy expertise. 

About Milkio Grass fed ghee

Try Milkio’s guaranteed pure organic grass-fed ghee if you’re thinking about adding ghee to the ketogenic diet. Milkio ghee is USDA certified and free of artificial flavor, color, and chemicals. It’s perfect for Paleo, Ketogenic, LCHF, and other whole-food, low-carb diets.

Despite refrigeration, this ghee has a shelf life of 18 months. It’s high in saturated fats, has a high MCT content, additional vitamins, and CLA, and has a nutty buttery flavor, which makes frying with ghee is a delectable experience. If you wish to buy Milkio grass fed ghee products, place an order at Milkio.

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