Difference between butter and ghee

The difference between butter and ghee is an ongoing battle with people trying to figure out which one is healthier. While most are not unknown to butter, a lot of people are still unaware of the ghee benefits.

Ghee is clarified butter prepared by melting milkfat and removing the milk solids and protein. But what is the real difference? Ghee does not contain any milk solids while butter does; therefore, ghee can be consumed by lactose-intolerant people without any inconvenience. Butter can be used as an alternative to cooking oil, and ghee can not only be used as a butter alternative but works as a taste enhancer too.

What Are the Basic Differences Between Ghee And Butter?

  • Ghee can be cooked without it burning at a high temperature. The smoke point of ghee is 485-degrees Fahrenheit, while that of butter would be 302-350 degrees Fahrenheit. Butter can burn easily, giving your food a burnt taste.
  • Acrylamide, which is a toxin, is produced less by ghee when compared to other alternative cooking oils. What is acrylamide? A known chemical compound that is produced when starchy food is prepared at a very high temperature. However, there is confusion on whether it could lead to an increase in cancer risk or not.
  • Ghee contains omega-3 fatty acids that help with digestion and helps in increasing the metabolism of your body, therefore initiating a smoother fat loss journey. The nutritional profile of ghee is much more beneficial for people with diabetes than butter.
  • Ghee is stable at room temperature, but butter melts at room temperature. You can add ghee to your dishes, have them every night with milk (not for lactose intolerant people), and even as a butter substitute during breakfast.


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