Insight on What Is The Difference Between Ghee And Butter?

  • August 7, 2021
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What is the difference between ghee and butter

When it comes to understanding what is the difference between ghee and butter, you must be well-versed. Butter is added to enhance the flavor, a substitute of oil in many cases, especially sautéed vegetables. Many prefer it as it is a prevalent option. Ghee, on the other hand, has several benefits and can be considered a healthier alternative. Butter contains milk solids while ghee does not.  


Which Is Better? – Ghee or Butter

Knowing what the major differences are can help anyone determine which is a better option for them. Ghee is made by the clarification process where all the milk solids and the liquids are removed. As the milk solids are eliminated, therefore, lactose and casein are removed too. People who are lactose intolerant or are allergic to milk cannot consume butter but can consume ghee. Talk to your doctor before adding them to your diet to eliminate any dietary risk.

Having an idea on what is the difference between ghee and butter, ghee comes with a greater smoke point. It does not burn even on a high flame- a great option for sautéing and also frying. The smoke point of butter is approximately 350-degree Fahrenheit, while that of ghee would be 485-degree Fahrenheit. The toxin acrylamide production is negligible with ghee.

Why New Zealand?

“New Zealand milk is a source of nutrition for consumers in over 130 markets. Over decades we’ve earned our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable supplier. We take pride in sticking to our principles, making us a reliable partner, and a trusted supplier of dairy for the most vulnerable populations (infants and medical nutrition) and source of ingredients for some of the world’s largest food brands.”

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Nation Brand


The Nutritional Aspect of Ghee Vs. Butter

Ghee contains no milk solids, and therefore, is entirely fat-free without any traces of carbohydrate. One tablespoon of ghee comes with 15gms of fat, of which- 7 to 9gms is saturated fat, 5gms is monounsaturated fat, and 1-2gms is polyunsaturated. It does not contain protein but, as approved by RDA, offers 8% of daily Vitamin A intake.

what is the difference between ghee and butter
what is the difference between ghee and butter


Saturated fat in one tablespoon butter would be 7gms, monounsaturated (3gms), while polyunsaturated is negligible. It also contains lactose alongside casein and protein.



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