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Carbs in butter is a serious dietay concern

Carbs in butter content are all-time low, and that is perhaps one of the reasons low cub diet includes butter or clarified butter. Butter is a fat-rich product where we will get a negligible amount of carbohydrate in it. Low carb Keto diet, therefore, supports the use of butter or clarified butter in its diet plan. Now the next question is if there is a difference between butter and clarified butter.

Butter vs. clarified butter

Both butter and clarified butter is made from milk and hence both of them are dairy products. But in butter, the milk protein content remains available while in clarified butter both the milk protein part like lactose and casein gets eliminated. Butter may invoke food allergy in lactose-intolerant people, but clarified butter or ghee is a perfect butter substitute and does not invoke the problem of allergy in lactose-intolerant people.   

How many carbs in there in clarified butter?

It is said that clarified butter is a low carb food item. But if you check content-wise you will find carb in butter as almost nil. That means clarified butter is one such dairy product that is a carb-free food. The nutrition facts of one tablespoon of clarified butter = 102 calories, 11.5 grams fat (7 grams saturated fat; 4.5 grams unsaturated fat), 0 grams carbohydrate, and 0 grams of protein. Clarified butter contains no carbohydrate, all its calories are produced from its fat content.

How no-carb matter for Keto Diet?

Keto diet is a low carb diet and the diet plan restrict the intake of carbohydrate. Therefore the foods high in carb value are a strict no for this diet plan. On the other hand, food with low carb and high-fat value is the most recommended food in this diet plan because the Keto diet recommends eating low carb and high-fat foods. 

The high-fat foods work as filler food in this diet plan which helps in restricting calorie intake and keeps the stomach full for a longer time.  


What are the cooking benefits of using clarified butter?

Apart from lower-carb value, the use of the clarified butter offers few benefits for its consumers. Clarified butter is the clarified form of butter and it is free from lactose, casein, sugar, and salt. Both salted and unsalted variety of butter contains some salt in it, but clarified is completely salt-free and that is why offers a bland taste.

You can use butter as a cooking oil but clarified butter is a better cooking oil than butter. It offers a higher smoking point than butter and it is, therefore, safer to use for high-temperature cooking. Clarified butter is a better taste enhancer than butter and tastes wise, it is more buttery by taste.  

There are no carbs in butter, but what it contains? 

Clarified butter contains plenty of nutrients. Made of mostly saturated fats, ghee clarified butter contains some heart-friendly vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, and K but there is no carbs in butter clarified ghee. The long, medium, and short-chain fatty acids in clarified butter are the reason behind its unique health benefits besides these vitamins.

For example, clarified butter contains CLA, which is an MCT (Medium-chain fatty acid) and stands responsible for the weight loss benefits of clarified butter is added to the diet. Also clarified butter contains butyrate: it contains butyrate acid, which is one of the reasons behind the natural laxative quality.

There are no carbs in butter as well as in clarified butter, but these two dairy products contain some nutrients and organic ingredients that work well for the consumers.

However, both butter and clarified butter contain saturated fats and that is why indiscriminate use of these dairy items can be harmful to health. There are no carbs in butter no doubt but the fat content may induce obesity if clarified butter quantity in food is made restricted. 

Milkio organic ghee is produced from 100% grass-fed cow milk. According to research grass-fed cow milk contains more CLA than the grain-fed cow milk and that is why ghee produced from grass-fed cow milk is better in quality. The ghee clarified butter contains several heart-friendly ingredients and so sugar, salt. No matter if it is salted or unsalted varieity: there are no carbs in butter

Milkio organic cow ghee is certified by BioGro NZ and it is excellently shelf-stable.  


As there are no Carbs in butter, there are no carbs in Milkio Clarified butter, hence it is Keto diet-friendly.

You can buy Milkio ghee clarified butter online and offline both. You can get to purchase Milkio organic cow ghee in the USA, Australia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, China, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and New Zealand.  It is lactose, casein, and gluten-free dairy. There are no carbs in butter ghee clarified.

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