Butter and Ghee: What Makes Ghee a Better Choice?

  • August 7, 2021
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Butter and ghee

Between butter and ghee, ghee is called clarified butter where all the milk solids are eliminated. Ghee is considered to be a healthier option than butter because of its manifold health benefits. Ghee is a healthy substitute to butter.

How Is Ghee Prepared?

People who are sensitive to dairy products can easily consume ghee. While preparing ghee, the milk solids settle down below, which is then strained, eliminating it from ghee. Ghee comes with a higher smoke point, close to 485-degree Fahrenheit, making it a great choice when you want to perform high-temperature cooking.

While oil only acts as a base for cooking, ghee not only offers great health benefits, it also enhances the flavor. Ghee can be easily made using unsalted butter and comes with a nutty flavor and sometimes in deep yellow or light brown color.


Ghee Contains Good Fat

Many who are undergoing a fat loss journey are afraid to add ghee to their meals because of the fat content. Ghee, however, contains good fat, which is known to burn off rather than get stored in the body.

When it comes to butter and ghee, ghee contains antioxidants, and many recommend having ghee with milk every night in moderate amounts. The calcium from milk and Vitamin K2 from ghee can really benefit your bones and body. It also offers a shine to your face and hair. Ghee is known to increase metabolic rate.

Ghee Is Known To Contain Butyrate Acid

Butyrate is present in ghee which helps in maintaining digestive health. It is also known to contain anti-inflammatory properties. Ghee acts as a lubricant for joint inflammation.

We can safely conclude that between both butter and ghee, ghee is a better butter, but you have to buy pure, organic grass-fed ghee only to enjoy all ghee benefits Like Milkio Grass-fed ghee

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butter and ghee

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