Why has grass fed cow ghee been a staple in Indian health care for centuries?

Why has grass fed cow ghee been a staple in Indian health care for centuries?

Ghee is a form of clarified butter that originally came from the Indian subcontinent.

Ghee is made by heating butter until the fats and milk solids separate, it involves removing the milk solids until just the butter fat remains. This remaining butter fat which is then called ghee, is intensely aromatic and flavoursome.

It is believed that ghee originated as early as 1500 BCE during ‘The Vedic Period’. During this period, there was a rapid progression in finding new health and wellbeing treatments. Since the discovery of this incredible superfood, it has been a staple in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine and used for many other health care purposes.

Natural organic cow ghee has been a staple because of its versatility and unique properties like no other.

According to Ayurvedic analogy, ghee is thought to help many aspects of health care: gut health, skin health and mental health. It is really the ultimate source of health and well-being.

Pure and natural grass fed cow ghee can work wonders to improve your gut health. The Ayurveda community say that ghee works to achieve the perfect balance, in your body and has been claimed to be a remedy for gut imbalances involving inflammation and symbiosis.

This is due to the short fatty acids that ghee contains, a type called butyric acid is known to reduce inflammation and also support the building of the cells that line the gut wall.

Grass fed cow ghee is also said to improve the immune system and provide the body with a stronger defense system to fight off unwanted pathogens. When tied to balanced and heathy lifestyle, the addition of a tablespoon of ghee a day to one’s diet can

Grass fed cow ghee has been a staple not only because of the gut impacts, but also the incredible benefits it provides to help the skin. By gently massaging ghee into skin daily, it has anti-aging effects and is thought to keep the skin in its best condition.

Grass fed cow ghee can also aid in reducing joint aches and pain from sprains if massaged into the feet as it is said in Ayurveda to improve circulation.

Ghee’s high concentrations of vitamins such as Vitamin A, E & K and carotenoids aid the skin. Carotenoids are antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals in the body and help the body stay healthy.

Ancient Ayurveda texts describe the positive impact that ghee has on one’s mental wellbeing. It is still considered a sacred food that heals and nourishes the mind and spirit.

Ghee is described as “the connection between the physical and spiritual essence in our bodies”, and can help one reach deeper levels of spiritual consciousness.

New Zealand is a clean and green country known for the ingenuity; a lot of that ingenuity has channelled into making the best of New Zealand’s natural advantages in agriculture, which has rendered congenial impact of its dairy industry.

In fact, New Zealand’s first dairy exports inaugurated in 1845 and it is now globally known for its unmatched dairy expertise.

At Milkio we are the part of that unrivalled dairy expertise, and our product is grass fed cow ghee procured from grass fed healthy cow’s milk.

Our story is about our product. We are inspired by world famous New Zealand standard of CLARITY AND PURENESS. The natural advantages of New Zealand integrated to our matchless approach to dairy manufacturing procure best quality raw materials into world-class ingredients: Milkio’s ghee.

New Zealand is world famous for its farming as well as for TOP QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS. Not only the taste, also the PURITY of the products makes the real difference. So is Milkio’s Traditional Ghee.

Grass fed ghee in diet 

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Grass Fed Ghee: With the holidays upcoming

Grass Fed Ghee: With the holidays upcoming

Grass Fed Ghee: With the holidays upcoming, check tips on organic ghee to buy and its best use.

Grass fed ghee is always your kitchen staple but with the vibrant festivity of Christmas around, it’s time that you should buy this kitchen staple in bulk. It will help you to cook tasty and healthy at one go. You can use grass fed cow ghee for baking, frying, slow cooking, and sautéing.

Organic cow ghee is a shelf stable cooking oil. Quality grass fed ghee can be preserved without refrigeration up to 12 months from the date of production, if it is stored with some restraints. Before storage, you need to learn how to buy the best quality cow ghee from the shop.

How to buy best quality ghee?

As there are varieties of cow ghee available, you have to use your discretionary power for finding the best cow ghee for your kitchen. 

Verify a few facts initially:

  • Always buy grass fed cow ghee.
  • Check if it procured from pure and 100% grass fed cow milk.
  • If the cow ghee is produced by using traditional method.
  • You should check if the ghee is free from preservatives, artificial color, flavor, etc.
  • Check the saturated fat contents in the ghee.
  • Also check if it has vitamin, CLA, butyrate, etc.
  • Check if the ghee is produced by an organic manufacturer using organic dairy ingredients.

You will get all these information from the ghee label. Therefore, study the label to select the best quality organic cow ghee in market.

Use your senses for finding the best quality cow ghee for your buying.

  • Enjoy the smell of the ghee: the best quality product will offer you a refreshing nutty flavor.
  • Do a sample test of the texture: Best quality grass fed Ghee will offer you creamy feel or slightly granular product quality!
  • Enjoy the color: The best quality cow ghee will be of opulent golden yellow color.

You should check the packaging quality

Good quality organic grass fed ghee is a sensitive product, hence, a quality conscious manufacturer takes minute care for packaging. Always prefer glass jar or best quality leak-proof, air tight tetra pack as cow ghee can be best preserved in this high quality packets.

Storage guidance:

Not only buying the best quality grass fed cow ghee is sufficient but also you should learn the tips to keep the dairy staple at its best condition.

  • Always preserve grass fed ghee in air tight container.
  • Keep it away from direct light and heat exposure.
  • Keep the cow ghee jar in a dry place, preferably in the kitchen shelf.
  • Always use dry and clean spoon to take the ghee out of the jar.
  • Do not allow any moisture intrusion in the ghee container.
  • Do not refrigerate grass fed ghee unless the manufacturer recommends this storage option.

How to use ghee?

You must be planning for some scrumptious menu during the upcoming festive season of Christmas. Ghee can be your best cooking oil during this festive season.  But how to use organic grass fed cow ghee for best culinary benefit?

  • You can use cow ghee for deep frying: the high smoke point is an obvious advantage of using cow ghee as your cooking oil for crunchy-munchy fries.
  • The Christmas menu must have some baked cookies, cakes, and other sweet delicacies. Ghee can be the best cooking oil for your tasty baking. Its creamy texture and nutty aroma will add a great magic.
  • Want to make some slow cooked veggies? Try grass fed ghee to add more health, taste, and flavor in your platter.
  • Following Keto diet? Use grass fed ghee in your morning coffee. It will keep you full for longer time.
  • Add organic grass fed ghee in your toast and sprinkle it on your chicken salad. You will love the taste, and your body will love the dose of saturated fat to keep your heart health fabulous.

Now when you know how to buy organic ghee and how to store this dairy delicacy, nothing can stop you from buying best quality grass fed ghee for your festive menu. But which one is the best one?

Buy Milkio grass fed ghee. Procured from 100% grass fed cow milk in New Zealand, Milkio Cow ghee contains vitamins like A, E, D, K and plenty of heart friendly MCTs and high calories. 

This Cow ghee NZ is extremely shelf stable. Under ideal condition, the ghee can be used for 12 months post it’s manufacturing date. 

Grass fed ghee is called the 21st century super food – 6 valid reasons

Grass fed ghee is called the 21st century super food – 6 valid reasons

Grass fed ghee has earned huge popularity as dieticians and modern nutritionists have claimed that restricted consumption of grass fed cow ghee is beneficial for multiple health reasons.

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwakar has mentioned cow ghee in her book “Indian Super foods” as one of the most utility super food that is enriched with versatile health benefits.

Cow ghee contains multiple vitamins

Cow ghee contains multiple vitamins, A,D, K, and E. These are fat soluble vitamins and easily get absorbed with fat and stay stored in the gastrointestinal tract. These vitamins are essential for maintaining a clean digestive track, healthy metabolism, and initiating different biochemical procedures within the body that leads to physical balance and wellbeing.

Furthermore cow ghee contains Vitamin K1 and K2 that boosts calcium absorption in body and vitamin D plays a critical role in maintaining human bone health.

Grass fed ghee is a reliable source of Butyrate

Ghee as a dairy product, which is a reliable source of natural butyrate in our diet. Butyrate, or butyric acid, the short-chain fatty acid acts as a natural detoxifier, it is anti-inflammatory, and it has the medical property to improve colon health.

It’s been found to provide support for maintaining healthy insulin levels in body and mostly helpful for people suffering from lifestyle diseases like IBS, as well as recurring issues like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Essentially ghee is good for your gut health.

Ghee is heat stable and thus fine for cooking

Grass fed cow ghee offers high smoke point and that means as a cooking oil it remains heat stable. That makes it perfect for baking, deep frying, etc. The chance of producing free radical is lesser with ghee and that makes it health safe than any cooking oil available in market.

If you are using high temperature cooking like deep frying, baking or slow cooking process for longer time use of cow ghee is a health safe idea than using any other cooking oil or butter. 

It’s anti-inflammatory

Grass-fed cow ghee is a natural preventive of inflammation. Moderate consumption of ghee in everyday diet helps in lowering bad cholesterol and in this way it imposes a unique anti-inflammatory impact on body. People suffering from arthritis, will be benefitted by adding little amount of cow ghee in diet. 

It’s shelf-stable

Grass fed cow ghee is shelf stable and can be preserved up to 12 months from its date of manufacturing. However, grass fed ghee has to be stored in a dry dark place and it does not require the support of refrigeration.

Grass fed ghee – Immunity booster

Grass fed ghee is reliable for cleansing digestive tract. Recent research has unveiled the fact that recommended dose of cow ghee in diet boost immunity of a human being who has general good health. However, people suffering from obesity, hypertension, blood sugar, etc. should not practice ghee diet remedy unless it is approved by their attending doctor.

These are the benefits of adding ghee in your diet. However, only grass fed cow ghee offers these health benefits, and that is why before buying pure cow ghee, it is important that you check its grass fed quality.

For instance, Milkio Grass-fed cow ghee is procured from 100% grass fed cow milk and that is why this pure ghee will offer you all the health benefits. You can call Milkio grass fed ghee your pantry superhero and a 21st century super food.

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Grass Fed cow ghee: add the power of Ayurveda to your homemaking skill

Grass Fed cow ghee: add the power of Ayurveda to your homemaking skill

Grass Fed cow ghee: add the power of Ayurveda to your homemaking skill

Grass fed ghee is one of the best cooking oils for sure as it offers saturated fats, helps in weight loss, works as natural moisturizer that maintains internal organs’ hydration level, etc. It is rightly called the pantry hero for its multiple health benefits. But surprisingly, this is not all about ghee benefits as grass fed ghee can be used for wide varieties of easy-to-practice home remedies, which in other way the effect of cow ghee’s medicinal qualities.

Reduces dry cough problem

Temperature fluctuation, dust allergy, cold attack, flue can cause the spell of cold and it is quite troubling. You may not prefer to have cold medicines as these medicines may make you little drowsy.  Instead you can try grass fed ghee, turmeric in one glassful lukewarm milk and you will get immediate relief if you continue the remedy for 2-3 days. Lactose intolerant people may try one teaspoon lukewarm ghee and black pepper mix for cold relief.

Constipation relief for pregnant ladies

Pregnant ladies often face the problem of constipation. Change of hormonal balance is one of the reasons behind this recurring discomfort. You cannot take indiscriminate over the counter medicines for this problem. But grass fed can help you to solve the problem naturally. Along with a healthy diet, adequate drinking of water, have one teaspoon grass fed cow ghee mixed in one glass lukewarm water twice a day: once in morning in empty stomach and the second glass ghee and warm water at the time of going to bed at night.

Ghee massage for hair fall problem, dandruff, and split end issue

Hair fall problem, recurring problem of dandruff, flaky scalp, and split en issues are enough irritating and really cannot be solved quickly. But ghee massage can do a miracle. Simply massage ghee and coconut oil together on your scalp, allow the oil to sit for 2-3 hours or overnight. Now in morning, wash your hair with mild shampoo and that will improve your hair health, will reduce dandruff, and will reduce split end issue faster.

Chapped lips are treated well

Chapped lips are a real trouble no matter you suffer during winter or in summer. In order to treat the roughness on your leap instead of using chemical bases balms, you can try grass fed cow ghee remedy. Mix two drops of cow ghee and two drops of honey and apply it on your lips at least 2-3 times in a day. Within next 2-3 days the problem of chapped lips will be recovered.  

Dark circle and eye are nursing

Late night sleep and inadequate rest, lack of exercise, or spicy food intake may affect your skin and its elasticity negatively. Eye bag, dark circle under eye, fine lines and wrinkles can be the effect of this irregular lifestyle. Besides life style modification, you can try applying grass fed ghee on your dark circle area and that can bring good change on skin color and reducing puffy eyes. 

There are some other quick fix remedies by grass fed ghee. These are:

  • Lukewarm ghee and water can restore sore throat and cracked voice
  • Application of ghee on eczema patch can reduce itching and discomfort of itching
  • Regular and moderate dose of cow ghee in diet can boost concentration power and strength of memory, which benefits students in different ways.

Use of best quality grass fed ghee to enjoy all these home remedy benefits. For example, Milkio grass fed ghee is made in New Zealand and can offer you best health benefits if used in cooking as well as for all the health benefits ghee can offer.

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Read more on : https://medium.com/milkio-foods-newzealand

Grass fed ghee: How to Choose a Good Quality product

Grass fed ghee: How to Choose a Good Quality product

Grass fed ghee: How to Choose a Good Quality product

Grass fed ghee being one of the latest pantry superheroes, is now in great demand and keeping a pace with its recurring demand in pantry plenty of brands have launched their ghee in market.  Now the billion dollar question is about the superiority of these products and the best brand out of the available choices. 

How to find a good quality grass fed cow ghee may seem to be tricky question but there are some clues to find the best option of many. Once you apply the clues, finding best quality grass fed ghee will not be a real life fix for you.

Read the label

You will get all the list of ingredients in the label. Best quality grass fed glees like Milkio of New Zealand is made of 100% grass fed cow milk and that ensures the production of best quality cow ghee. If the milk is procured from grain feed cows or both grain and grass feed cows, there is high chance of getting the purest quality of milk for making ghee.  By reading label you will be able to know the ingredients of ghee.

Check the color

Grass fed cow ghee is golden hued.  You need to check the color of the ghee you have selected so far. If you have taken a buffalo ghee quantity, you will find the ghee whitish in color.

Also check if any spice (like turmeric) is added to the ghee you have selected. Sometimes turmeric powder is added to this ghee so that the yellow colors persists.

Check ingredients and preservatives

Good quality cow ghee does not contain preservatives or additives. Check the ghee you have chosen is free from synthetic flavor, preservative, or additives.  Also check the shelf life of the ghee as best quality grass fed that is produced adhering to hygienic process and that offers up to 12 months of shelf life. Grass fed ghee like Milkio New Zealand ghee is loaded with butyrate (gut friendly short chain fatty acid) Vitamins (A, D, K E), antioxidants, and good quality saturated fats, which offers multiple health benefits.

While buying grass fed ghee from a grocery store, you should check all these points mentioned above as a good quality cow ghee is supposed to display all these details on its product label, which will speak of its authenticity and product quality transparency.

Storage friendliness

Good quality grass fed can be stored up to 12 months from its date of manufacturing and it can be stored in kitchen without the support of refrigeration. Ideally, cow ghee should be stored in air tight container, away from light and heat exposure.


  1. Read the label and verify the following:
  • Where is it manufactured?
  • Have the cow’s been entirely grass fed?
  • Has the milk-butter been customarily churned?
  • Are there any other added ingredients – colors, flavours, and preservatives etc.?
  1. Involve your senses when selecting the best cow Ghee:
  • What does it smell like – good quality grass fed cow ghee should have rich, sweet nutty aroma.
  • Check the product texture – ideally it should be blissfully creamy with a little grainy feel.
  • Check the colour – Good quality cow ghee should have beautiful rich golden colour.

These are the clues you need to check while buying the best quality grass fed ghee. Otherwise, you can buy Milkio traditional cow ghee and you can be sure about its quality and longer shelf life.

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