The ghee storage conditions depend on the fact that ghee is a dairy product with a long shelf life

It does not need to be refrigerated to keep fresh. You can keep your ghee container in a kitchen cabinet in a dark and dry place, and it will be fine. According to dairy guidelines, high-quality grass-fed ghee will remain intact for the next 12 months from the date of manufacture if specific provisions are followed when storing this dairy product. You don’t need to have refrigeration for storing and preserving ghee on your kitchen shelf for an extended period. However, keeping ghee is not as easy as it seems.

To keep even the highest quality ghee for your use, you must note the environment, humidity, sun, and heat exposure. The following conditions have a significant effect on the shelf life and ghee storage.

  • Place the ghee storage jar on a dry, dark shelf of your kitchen cabinet if you want to keep cow ghee for longer than its expected shelf life. Since ghee is a photosensitive item, cow ghee keeps well in a dry, dark environment.
  • Ghee in a jar does not like moisture. Hold the container’s lead sealed as far as possible. Furthermore, never use a wet spoon while taking out ghee because any moisture makes cow ghee rancid. 
  • A glass jar is the perfect ghee storage container for grass-fed cow ghee. A dark-colored glass bottle is ideal for storing cow ghee. 
  • If you’re going to have ghee in the fridge, make sure it’s in a freezer-safe bottle. These containers are pricey, but they can perfectly protect this dairy delicacy.
  • When removing ghee from the container, do not dip your finger directly into the ghee. Your hand’s acid pH can permanently alter the texture of the ghee. Ghee should always be removed using a glass or metallic spoon. It is not advisable to hold a metallic spoon in the ghee jar for an extended period.

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