Keto Ghee Recipe: How To Add Ghee To Your Diet?

  • August 7, 2021
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Keto ghee recipe

Keto ghee recipe should be in your list if you are on a keto diet. These recipes are the perfect opportunity to add everything to your diet. Keto is all about less carbohydrate and more protein so that you burn the fat faster. Ghee is good fat which is necessary for your body. When looking for some keto ghee recipes, you cannot miss out on these.

Keto ghee recipe
Keto ghee recipe
  • Cauli Tots: Sometimes all you want is some cheese. You could either bake them or fry them, and if frying, use ghee as a substitute as it contains small chain fatty acids. Sneak this vegetarian option and you will surely fall in love with it.
  • Chicken Rice Bowl: When on a keto diet, authentic rice bowls are not an option. But fret not as you could enjoy the same taste with some cauliflower rice. Add some ghee to turn this keto ghee recipe into a flavor bomb. You do not have to hold back on your cravings anymore.
  • Dijon Chicken: You would be doing yourself a favor by trying this dish because it will soon turn into a family favorite. This is extremely economical and very easy to make. It works well with cauliflower rice and keto-friendly noodles.
  • Devil Spread Eggs: This is very easy to make and, you could just add a spoonful of ghee while having it. You need pickled banana peppers for this, and it will hit your taste buds just right.
  • Pork Medallions With Blue Cheese: A comforting dish that comes with a creamy sauce cooked with ghee as the base. You could elevate the whole dish with some blue cheese and, your family and also guests will go crazy about this one.


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keto ghee recipe

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