Is butter a dairy product: which is a safe dairy

  • March 16, 2022
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Is butter a dairy product? Yes, it is and there is no doubt about it. But butter is not a safe dairy especially if you are a dairy sensitive. But things are different about clarified butter.

Is butter dairy product? Yes, it is, because butter is made of milk. When it is a dairy, lactose intolerant should avoid it in their diet.  But the dairy sensitives want to enjoy dairy benefits in their favor, butter may not be the right choice for them. Instead, clarified butter will be a better option.

Is butter a dairy product: what makes clarified butter a unique dairy?

If you are wondering is butter a dairy product, the answer is yes, it is. Now, if you are dwindling between having it or not having it, instead of regular butter, you may use clarified butter as a source of healthy dairy fats in your diet.

Over butter, clarified butter, or ghee offers some unique dietary benefits.  The benefits of clarified butter include,

  • Lactose and casein free content; lactose and casein are the triggers for dairy allergy. Ghee does not contain the triggers of dairy allergy.
  • If we compare ghee clarified butter vs. butter, ghee offers a higher smoke point, which means ghee offers better oil safety than butter.
  • Ghee is more shelf-stable than butter.  You can store clarified butter with better convenience in your kitchen.
  • Ghee clarified butter is more versatile than regular butter. Ghee offers better aroma than butter.


For these 4 reasons, clarified butter is called a better dairy than butter.  If you are wondering about a butter recipe that is butter a dairy product, you may replace butter safely with clarified butter. Clarified butter offers more benefits than regular butter.  For nutritional benefits, clarified butter is called a better butter. If your question is “Is butter a dairy product”, the answer is yes. But clarified butter is a dairy without dairy snags.

What is clarified butter? Is butter a dairy product?

As the name implies, clarified butter is a simpler form of regular milk butter.  A slow cooking boiling method is used for making clarified butter ghee. In this slow cooking method, lactose and casein get eliminated. The pure butterfat gets separated, which is also known as ghee.

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Grass fed quality ghee is the best quality of clarified butter.  According to dairy research, grass-fed quality ghee contains a higher quantity of nutrients than non-grass-fed variety.  For example, you may use Milkio grass fed ghee instead of using regular milk butter in your diet.

About Milkio grass fed ghee:

Milkio grass fed ghee is a pure New Zealand product made with care and the best dairy expertise. The ghee is keto and Paleo diet-friendly, which means you can use the ghee for all keto and paleo recipe making. It is excellently shelf-friendly: you can use the ghee up to 18 months from the manufacturing date in the kitchen. 

Milkio ghee is Halal and kosher approved and a non-GMO product. Milkio grass fed ghee products are lactose, casein, and gluten-free. It is an all-natural cooking oil without any harmful additives like artificial flavor, color, and chemical preservatives. Is butter a dairy product? The answer is yes, but clarified butter is better butter.

Milkio grass fed ghee is a vegetarian product. It is safe for lactose intolerant diets because of its safe content. It offers a high smoking point of 485 degrees F, which makes it safe for high-temperature cooking, etc. The ghee offers a nutty aroma, which is refreshing and promoter of a feel-good mood.

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