Is butter a dairy product: which is a safe dairy

  • March 16, 2022
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Is butter a dairy product? Yes, it is, and there is no doubt about it.

But butter is not a safe dairy, especially if you are dairy sensitive. But things are different about clarified butter.

Is butter a dairy product? Yes, it is because butter is made of milk. When it is dairy, lactose intolerants should avoid it in their diet.  But dairy sensitives want to enjoy dairy benefits in their favor, so butter may not be the right choice for them. Instead, clarified butter will be a better option.

Is butter a dairy product: what makes clarified butter a unique dairy?

If you wonder if butter is a dairy product, the answer is yes. If you are dwindling between having it or not, you may use clarified butter as a source of healthy dairy fats in your diet instead of regular butter.

Over butter, clarified butter, or ghee offers some unique dietary benefits.  The benefits of clarified butter include,

Is butter a dairy product: clarified butter benefits

  • Lactose and casein-free content; lactose and casein are the triggers for dairy allergy. Ghee does not contain the triggers of a dairy allergy.
  • If we compare ghee-clarified butter vs. butter, ghee offers a higher smoke point, which means ghee offers better oil safety than butter.
  • Ghee is more shelf-stable than butter.  You can store clarified butter with better convenience in your kitchen.
  • Ghee-clarified butter is more versatile than regular butter. Ghee offers a better aroma than butter.

For these 4 reasons, clarified butter is a better dairy than butter.  If you are wondering about a butter recipe that is a dairy product, you may replace butter safely with clarified butter. Clarified butter offers more benefits than regular butter.  For nutritional benefits, clarified butter is called better butter. If your question is “Is butter a dairy product,” the answer is yes. But clarified butter is a dairy without dairy snags.

Is Butter A Dairy Product

What is clarified butter? Is butter a dairy product?

As the name implies, clarified butter is a more straightforward form of regular milk butter.  A slow-cooking boiling method is used for making clarified butter ghee. In this slow-cooking method, lactose and casein get eliminated. The pure butterfat gets separated, which is also known as ghee.

Is butter a dairy product? Grass-fed quality ghee is the best quality of clarified butter.  According to dairy research, grass-fed quality ghee contains more nutrients than non-grass-fed varieties.  For example, you may use Milkio grass-fed ghee instead of regular milk butter in your diet.

Is butter a dairy product: ghee clarified butter vs. butter

Both ghee and butter are milk-made dairy products, but ghee is called better butter for some reasons. Here 6 points are elucidated.

  • Processing: Ghee is made by simmering butter to remove water and milk solids, resulting in pure butterfat. Regular butter includes milk solids and water.
  • Smoke Point: Ghee has a higher smoke point than butter, making it more suitable for high-heat cooking without producing harmful compounds than butter.
  • Lactose and Casein: Ghee is almost lactose and casein-free due to the clarification process, while butter contains these dairy components that can cause sensitivities.
  • Flavor and Aroma: Is butter a dairy product? Yes, but Ghee has a rich, nutty flavor, enhancing the taste of dishes, whereas butter has a milder taste and aroma.
  • Shelf Life: Ghee has a longer shelf life due to its moisture and milk solids removal, while butter is more prone to spoilage.
  • Nutrient Concentration: Ghee is more concentrated in fat-soluble vitamins and beneficial fatty acids due to removing water and milk solids, offering potential health benefits.

Butter is not apt for lactose-intolerant and dairy-sensitive people, but ghee is lactose and casein-free; hence ghee is a safer bet in diet planning. If you still wonder is butter a dairy product or not, and you are not sure about your lactose tolerance power, you may try ghee instead of butter.

Is butter a dairy product : How to use ghee (clarified butter) in your food?

Is butter a dairy product? Ghee, or clarified butter, is a versatile ingredient used in various ways to enhance the flavor and nutrition of your food. Here are some common and creative ways to use ghee in your cooking:

  • Cooking and Sautéing: Use ghee as a cooking oil for sautéing vegetables, frying, and stir-frying. Its high smoke point makes it an excellent option for high-heat cooking methods.
  • Roasting: Coat vegetables, meats, or fish with ghee before roasting them in the oven. This adds a rich flavor and helps achieve a crispy texture.
  • Baking: Ghee is a healthy substitute for butter or oil in baking recipes. It adds a delightful nutty taste to baked goods like cookies, cakes, and muffins.
  • Topping: Melt ghee and drizzle it over cooked rice, pasta, or popcorn. This imparts a rich, savory flavor.
  • Spreading: Spread ghee on toast, bagels, or muffins instead of regular butter. Its unique flavor can elevate your breakfast or snack.
  • Stirring into Hot Beverages: Add a small amount of ghee to hot beverages like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. This can provide a creamy texture and a subtle buttery taste.
  • Indian and Middle Eastern Cuisine: Ghee is a staple in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Use it to make traditional dishes like curries, lentil soups (dal), or conventional sweets like halwa.
  • Grilling: Brush ghee onto meat, seafood, or vegetables before grilling to enhance flavor and prevent sticking.
  • Eggs: Use ghee to cook eggs, whether frying, scrambling, or making an omelet. Its rich taste pairs well with eggs.
  • Cooking Grains: Stir ghee into cooked rice, quinoa, or other grains for added flavor and richness.
  • Roasted Nuts: Coat nuts with melted ghee and your choice of spices before roasting them in the oven for a tasty snack.
  • Homemade Sauces and Dressings: Incorporate ghee into homemade sauces, marinades, and dressings for an extra layer of flavor.
5 reasons grass-fed ghee is the best in the ghee category

Grass-fed ghee stands out in the ghee category for several compelling reasons, making it a preferred choice for many individuals seeking a high-quality dietary option. Here are five key reasons why grass-fed ghee is often considered the best in its category:

  • Nutrient Density: Grass-fed ghee is derived from the milk of cows or sheep that are primarily pasture-fed. This natural diet contributes to a higher concentration of essential nutrients, including fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K2), omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. These nutrients play crucial roles in overall health, immune support, bone strength, and more.
  • Balanced Fats: Grass-fed ghee contains a well-balanced profile of saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats. It is particularly rich in beneficial fatty acids like conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has been associated with various health benefits, including weight management and heart health.
  • Lack of Allergens: The clarification process used to make ghee removes milk solids, lactose, and casein, which are common allergens and sources of sensitivity for some individuals. Grass-fed ghee is a suitable alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or have dairy allergies.
  • High Smoke Point: Grass-fed ghee has a higher smoke point compared to regular butter, making it a safe and versatile option for high-heat cooking methods like frying and sautéing. It can withstand higher temperatures without breaking down and forming harmful compounds.
  • Rich Flavor and Culinary Versatility: The unique nutty and rich flavor of grass-fed ghee enhances the taste of a wide range of dishes. Its versatility spans from traditional Indian cuisine to modern Western cooking, making it an attractive option for both sweet and savory recipes.
About Milkio grass-fed ghee:

Try Milkio grass-fed ghee, made in New Zealand from the finest ingredients. Milkio grass-fed ghee is all-natural and does not contain artificial color, flavor, and chemical preservatives.

Milkio grass-fed ghee products are verified as non-GMO. The ghee is all-natural and offers an intense nutty feel-good aroma, rich, creamy texture, and additive-free quality, making it a superfood for the kitchen.

Milkio Ghee is a gluten, lactose, casein, carb, sugar, and chemical-free product safe for consuming lactose intolerants and casein sensitives. It is keto and paleo diet-friendly. 

Milkio ghee offers a high smoke point. It is shelf-stable dairy oil that you can store in the kitchen at room temperature. Milkio’s ghee offers a shelf life of up to 18 months from the manufacturing date. To buy Milkio ghee, you may order at the Milkio website.

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