How do I make ghee?

  • July 6, 2021
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How do I make ghee?

How do I make ghee?It is an easy process. But you have to be organized and diligent in your ghee making process so that you can produce quality ghee.  You have to arrange pure cow milk and make curd with it. Now use an electric churner or try manually churning the curd to make butter out of it.

Once you get the butter, now you have to boil the butter on medium to low flame in a thick-bottomed pan. In the course of the boiling, you will gradually be able to evaporate the moisture from the butter, and the milk protein part will be deposited at the bottom of the boiling pot.

Now the yellow or caramelized oily fat content will remain in the boiling pot. You have to filter it with a strainer. This oily substance is ghee.

Pure grass-fed ghee looks yellow-golden. Sometime it may look caramelized due to over boiling of the butter. You have to boil the butter until froth stops appearing on the upper surface of the boiling butter. You can use both cow milk and buffalo milk to produce ghee.

Cow milk produced ghee looks yellow whereas buffalo milk made ghee looks white in its final color.  

You don’t need to refrigerate ghee. You can keep it preserved in an airtight container. However, at home, you have to prepare ghee from 100% pure milk for maintaining 100% purity of the ghee product.  

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