Grass-fed cow ghee daily diet – enjoy slimming and antiaging benefits

  • August 24, 2021
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Grass-fed cow ghee should be included in daily diet: 5 real-life reasons

The myth says that grass-fed cow ghee used in regular diet may cause lots of body weight management problems and health risks. However, celebrity dieticians like Rujuta Diwekar has prescribed ghee to be included in daily diet for some awesome benefits.

In fact, it has been proved that moderate quantity of grass fed cow ghee in diet helps in enjoying a few health benefits, which are really good. Check here 5 real-life reasons for including ghee in daily diet.

Grass-fed cow ghee strengthens digestion and immunity

Ghee (unlike other common cooking oils) is loaded with butyric acid content, which is a short chain fatty acid. Helpful intestinal bacteria convert fibers into butyric acid and then use that for cleaning and detoxing of intestinal wall. In this way a human body creates its own ‘Ghee’.

When this natural power of creating butyric acid gets disrupted, digestion process gets hampered. As ghee contains butyric acid, it helps in cleaning digestive system. Moreover, grass-fed cow ghee gets readily metabolized by the human body and is a safer choice than butter.

Ample production of butyric acid supports the production of T cells in the gut, which results into a healthy immune system.

Additionally, grass-fed cow ghee has multiple nutritional values, and it is also rich in antioxidants. It helps a human body with general health to readily absorb the vitamins and minerals present in food, offering better level of nutrition and accordingly it helps in strengthening the immune system.

Grass-fed cow ghee is anti-carcinogenic

Grass-fed cow ghee has a higher smoke point that means the oil doesn’t ‘burn’ easily. The steady saturated bonds in ghee do not disintegrate during heating, and that is why Ghee with its short chain of fatty acids is less likely to break down into dangerous free radicals while cooking. As free radicals are one of the triggers of cancerous disease in body, ghee can be called anti-carcinogenic.

Additionally, according to research, consumption of pure cow ghee decreases the presence of enzymes responsible for unwanted activation of carcinogens in body. This study has been published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research. 

Ghee has anti-inflammatory quality

Grass-Fed cow ghee is a great source of good quality cholesterol, which acts as a healing agent of human body. According to research, cholesterol levels increases during stressful period or when some unusual inflammation occurs: when we supply good quality fats in body like cow-ghee, it helps the body to reduce this inflammation.

Ghee induces feel good mood

 If pure Cow Ghee is consumed regularly in moderate quantity, it has been proved to have calming effects on the nerves, reduce stress, and induce feel-good hormones in the consumers. Fitness expert Rujuta Diwekar in her book, Indian Superfoods has explained that rice, ghee, sugar, and cashews are the foods that people always should include in their diet in moderate quantity.

She also has mentioned that “addition of ghee to the meals reduces the food’s glycaemic index,” which is helpful in fighting stress as well  life style diseases like  diabetes and obesity.

Reduces Cholesterol Levels

 While Ghee is not really recommended for patients who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, it can help in reducing cholesterol levels in intestines as well as serum.

Pure cow ghee enhances the secretion of biliary lipids. Ghee is a healthier food option if you exercise regularly and consume a balanced diet. However, people suffering from high cholesterol count should not consumer ghee on personal discretion.

These are  the main 5 reasons to include grass fed cow ghee in daily diet in moderation. Use Milkio traditional grass fed cow ghee for enjoying all these ghee benefits in your life.

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