Can you substitute butter for ghee? Here is the answer

  • August 11, 2021
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If you are thinking that can you substitute butter for ghee? The answer is No, ghee can be substituted for butter but you cannot do the reverse. However, there are particular essential distinctions to be aware of, and the two goods are not interchangeable. It may be preferable to use a variety of other oils instead of butter to supplement ghee in certain circumstances.

What is ghee?

Clarified butter, also known as “liquid gold” or simply ghee, is made by separating all of the milk solids and water from the butterfat. Ghee has a higher smoke point, making it ideal for frying at high temperatures. When considering whether or not to use it in your recipes, bear in mind the smoke point adjustment. This is one of the biggest reasons to choose ghee over butter.

Since butter and clarified butter are not very similar, they cannot be used interchangeably so that ghee can be substituted for butter but not vise-versa. Only bear in mind that the two’s dietary values differ, with ghee being the healthier alternative.

How to replace butter with ghee?

Can you substitute butter for ghee? No, it is not recommended. Ghee is used as a butter replacement in a one-to-one ratio. When baking with ghee vs. butter, bear in mind that ghee lacks some of the solid elements that make regular butter such an excellent binding agent. On the other hand, Ghee contains a lot of moisture, so you will need to apply more flour to even it out and serve as a binding agent.

If a recipe calls for ghee to be heated on the burner, butter may not be substituted since butter has a low smoke point and can burn and smoke excessively. In addition to losing the taste of one’s food, using any oil with a low smoke point will kill the nutrients in the oil and release harmful pollutants into the environment. Ghee fits best with foods like bread and biscuits since they can be baked at high temperatures.

Now that you have your answer to can you substitute butter for ghee, it’s time to look for the best quality ghee.

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