Butter vs clarified butter on basis of taste and nutrition

  • August 17, 2021
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Butter vs clarified butter

Butter vs clarified butter, what are the differences between them, and what makes ghee a better choice?

Ghee and butter are sometimes used interchangeably, but they have many differences. Although it is an individual choice, here are some reasons why we chose ghee over butter.


  • It’s about the taste. The extra cooking time imparts a nutty flavor to ghee.


  • Availability is an essential factor. Ghee is more widely available in grocery stores, especially specialty stores, whereas clarified butter may require home preparation.


  • The smoke point of ghee is high. Both products have a higher smoke point after the milk solids are separated than butter, which burns and produces free radicals at high temperatures. But ghee has a slightly higher smoke point than butter which makes it more feasible for cooking.


  • Longer shelf life is beneficial. In Butter vs Clarified butter, ghee is more shelf-stable at room temperature for a long time because it don’t have the milk solids that cause the ghee to spoil. If compared closely, ghee has a much longer life than butter.


  • Both ghee and butter have many different health benefits. Fatty acids are present in both materials. Since the lactose and protein casein are removed with the butter’s milk solids, ghee is digestible by most people with lactose intolerance. Ghee is more familiar with Paleo diets and Keto diets and people who reject dairy products.

Butter vs clarified butter

While many people confuse clarified butter and butter, there is a distinction to be made. Remember that butter is heated only until the water has evaporated and the milk solids have separated. Ghee is cooked a little longer before being removed to allow the milk solids to caramelize, giving it a nuttier flavor. After learning more about Butter vs Clarified butter, they both have their advantages, but ghee is undoubtedly better in taste and nutrition value than butter.


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