Can I replace butter with ghee?

  • July 5, 2021
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Can I replace butter with ghee?

It is a common question that homemakers, culinary artists, and health freaks often debate. The answer to this question yes, you can replace butter with ghee but strictly not the opposite option, which means replacement of ghee with butter.

But why ghee is a superior dairy product?

The goodness of ghee is the solid reason behind its superiority. Ghee offers a higher smoke point than butter and most of the other cooking oil cannot provide you. That is why ghee remains safe against high-temperature cooking like baking, sautéing, slow cook, etc. The smoke point of ghee vs. butter will show you 482° Fahrenheit vs. 320° Fahrenheit, where ghee is advantageous for cooking than butter.

Can I replace butter with ghee
Can I replace butter with ghee

Although ghee and butter both are milk-made products, ghee is a lactose-free dairy product but butter contains lactose. Lactose intolerants may have a food allergy with butter but ghee is a safe food for them. In terms of food sensitivity, ghee is a better alternative to butter.

Both butter and ghee can be used raw but butter is not shelf friendly. You have to store butter in the fridge. But ghee is a storage-friendly dairy product, which you can store in the kitchen without the support of refrigeration. These are the reasons, you can replace butter with ghee in the diet, but replacing ghee with butter is not a viable option. If your question is can I replace butter with ghee, the answer is yes, but you have to use organic grass-fed cow ghee for getting the best ghee benefits.

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