Calories in one tablespoon of butter: what’s about ghee?

  • March 12, 2022
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Calories in one tablespoon of butter vs. Ghee are not the only concern while we compare Ghee and butter. Do you know what the other benefits of Ghee are? 

Calories in one tablespoon of butter vs. Ghee is one of the most vital points of choosing ghee dairy oil over butter if you follow keto or any weight loss diet. If we take the keto diet into count, it calls for the inclusion of a high-fat and low-carb food plan. Both Ghee and butter are dairies, but Ghee is counted as a better butter in the keto diet plan. 

Calories in one tablespoon of butter vs. Ghee: higher is the better

If we compare the calorie count between Ghee and butter, Ghee offers a higher calorie value than butter, making it excellently keto-friendly. The high-calorie value of Ghee works as a filler food when added to the diet. The combo of healthy saturated fat and high calories makes Ghee a reliable source of fat, which can help you to suppress hunger pang.

Ghee in the food or coffee helps in calorie intake control, which is passive support for natural weight loss. 

Ghee is more stomach-friendly

Besides the number of Calories in one tablespoon of butter vs. Ghee, ghee content offers some unique advantages for keto dieters. Butter is not lactose and casein-free, but Ghee does not contain lactose or casein in it. 

If you are not sure if you are lactose intolerant or casein-sensitive, Ghee is a safer dairy oil for you. You can add Ghee to your diet, but you can skip the risk of dairy allergy with this dairy. 

Ghee is more versatile than butter

Forget about the difference in the number of Calories in one tablespoon of butter vs. Ghee. Versatility is one of the unique features of Ghee. You can use Ghee in all types of cooking, including making desserts, but butter is not versatile. 

The smoke point of Ghee is higher than butter, which is why Ghee is more friendly for high-temperature cooking processes like baking, roasting, grilling. 

Under the keto diet plan, you can try several salads, baking, and slow cooking recipes. You can use Ghee as a taste enhancer, but you cannot use butter for its lower smoking point. 

Calories in one tablespoon of butter
Summing up:

Keeping aside the discussion about the difference of Calories in one tablespoon of butter vs. Ghee, the advantages of Ghee over butter makes it a better butter. However, it is always wise to use grass-fed Ghee for your keto diet plan. 

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