What does ghee look like?

  • July 5, 2021
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What does ghee look like

What does ghee look like is a tricky question! A finished ghee product in the market may look semi-liquid, or soft solid in its texture. Pure quality cow ghee looks golden yellow in color and buffalo ghee looks white, which is one of the prime look-wise differences between these two ghee varieties. Sometimes ghee may take caramelized color.

This is happened due to extra cooking of ghee clarified butter: by shimmering the ghee for extra time, golden yellow clarified butter takes the caramelized color. The shelf life of this ghee is the longest.

Fresh and pure Ghee releases a nutty flavor and shows a granular structure. If the ghee becomes rancid or somehow compromised in its quality, the look of the ghee may not change but the flavor will never remain the same as fresh ghee. So by smelling the product you will be able to sense its wholesome quality.

You can test the purity of ghee by using an easy method. If you heat one teaspoon of ghee and it turns into a brown color, it is a pure product. But after melting if it retains a yellowish color, the ghee is adulterated and contains impurity.   

Here the look and smell of cow ghee are explained. Grass-fed cow milk made grass-fed cow ghee looks extra yellow because of the high quantity of beta carotene in the grass-fed cow milk.

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