Making clarified butter: 5 points are most essential for quality procurement

  • August 7, 2021
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Making clarified butter

Making clarified butter at home is a matter of a few minutes. Have you ever relished a lobster cuisine or dish in a restaurant? They blended this dish using clarified butter, but what is it? If taken into consideration, butter is mainly composed of three primary ingredients: water, fats, and milk proteins. Clarified butter is that part of butter that is left after segregating water and milk proteins from it.

Making clarified butter
Making clarified butter

Let’s prepare, how we are making clarified butter at home

  1. Start with some unsalted butter

To start with, take a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Put the pan on the stove while keeping the flame low. Put the pieces of unsalted butter on the pan, and let it melt.

  1. Wait for the milk solids to separate

Slowly the butter will melt, leaving the foams to adhere to the top. This foam and bubbles are a sign that water is evaporating from the butter. You will also find the white residue at the bottom, which is hardened milk solids.

  1. Skim the milk proteins and the foam

Now skim the milk solids and foam. Use a skimmer for this purpose and fetch the solids out from the leftover butter.

  1. Keep the milk solids

Do not throw the milk solids away. Store them for stuffing other foods. They are used in a variety of dishes and enhances the flavor of the dish.

  1. Store the clarified butter

Butter spoils a bit faster than clarified butter. So it can be used for a long time. It can be stored at room temperature, but the chilled atmosphere is best. So please do not keep it right next to your gas stove. For best results, store it in an airtight container. Make sure the lid is fastened tightly. Prolonged exposure to oxygen and air can cause the clarified butter to become rancid.

Making clarified butter
Making clarified butter

Making clarified butter at home can benefit you a lot. It is a great alternative for sautéing. This happens because it has a high smoke point, which prevents burning fast like ordinary butter. Clarified butter has a longer shelf life than regular butter due to the absence of milk solids. There are several reasons for you to make clarified butter at your home. You turn now! Follow our easily explained recipe to do the same. Do not forget to share whether you liked it or not.

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