If you wonder is cultured butter better for you, then you have to learn first why cultured butter is unique and what makes cultured-butter better than butter.

Cultured butter contains lactic acid and that makes it free of lactose. It is the raw ingredient for making cultured ghee and it makes better ghee which is completely allergy-free for foods and dairy sensitive people.

Ghee clarified butter made out of cultured-butter offers a high smoke point and it is an excellently shelf-friendly dairy product.

There are two reasons for considering cultured butter a better butter. It contains lactic acid, which is a digestion-friendly ingredient and as the product is completely free of lactose, it is fully safe for lactose intolerants in their diet. Cultured ghee does not pose allergy for dairy allergic people.

You can use cultured-butter as raw. However, its smell is slightly different than dairy butter. Cultured-butter is good for gut health as well. Cultured ghee from cultured butter is widely famous for dairy selective people.

If you want to enjoy all the wholesome benefits of sutured butter in your diet, you can try cultured ghee from a reliable brand like Milkio 100% grass-fed cultured ghee.

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