How Do You Make Ghee At Home In Simple Easy Steps?

  • August 7, 2021
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How do you make ghee

How do you make ghee at home is apparently a simple method and can be done even by amateurs? Ghee is considered a better option when compared to butter, offering a nutty aroma. Here are some simple steps to help you make ghee at home.

Step 1: Butter Needs To Be Melted

Try using a thick-bottomed stainless steel pan, ensuring the milk protein does not burn as it could give the ghee a burnt taste. Do not just dump a whole block of butter but cut them into small pieces. This helps with consistent browning. Keep the flame at medium-low.

Step 2: Remove the Milk Solids

Milkio uses grass-fed cow milk and butter for ghee production. While melting the butter, as it starts bubbling, the protein will separate from the water and the fat and will float. How do you make ghee completely depends on the quality of butter you are using.

The process of separating the protein is a long one until the liquid becomes clear. This is clarified butter without any lactose or casein- suitable for lactose-intolerant people.

Step 3: The Milk Solids Will Settle

Once the butter is clear, there would be some leftover milk solids. You can either strain them, or you could keep them for browning following the Milliard browning method. This gives it a butterscotch flavor.  

How do you make ghee
How do you make ghee

Step 4: Brown Your Milk Solids And Strain

The last step will include boiling the clarified butter at low heat. The clarified butter will quickly change its color to brown. Let it cool, and then strain the liquid using a cheesecloth. The brown solids will be strained, and what you get would be ghee.

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How do you make ghee
How do you make ghee

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