How do you make your own ghee?

  • August 7, 2021
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How do you make your own ghee

How do you make your own ghee is a popular question from the culinary enthusiasts because it is well-known that once ghee was a homemade delicacy in India!

Cow ghee is prepared from cow milk, and the method is extensive but is easy to follow.

You need to boil the milk, and then turn it into the curd.

Next, you have to churn the curd. You can go it manually, or you can use an electric churning machine.

How do you make your own ghee
How do you make your own ghee

In the course of churning, the butter or malai will be separated from the liquid buttermilk from the curd. Discard the buttermilk, and collect the malai or butter together. Now take a heavy bottom pot, and place the entire malai butter in it. ghee making

Then place the pot against low to medium flame on an oven. Let the butter starts boiling. Initially, lots of frothy foam will surface up, but you have to keep the butter boiling.

Now during boiling, gradually the moisture content of the butter will get evaporated, and you will find that milk proteins will be dropping at the bottom of the pot in the form of some brown-black deposits.

The froth will get a minimum in quantity, and the butter will take yellow golden color. This is the ghee clarified butter.

Now you have to use a strainer to filter the clarified butter from the burned milk protein deposited at the bottom of the pot. You can store the homemade ghee clarified butter in an airtight container.

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