Grass-Fed Clarified Butter (Ghee) All You Must Know About Using It

  • August 17, 2021
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Grass-fed clarified butter is a dairy staple that you can use in multiple ways in your life. Have you ever thought of using the dairy other than a cooking oil?

Grass-fed clarified butter or ghee is already in massive demand in the food industry, as mainstream nutritionists and dieticians generally recommend that grass-fed cow ghee must be eaten as the highest quality ghee.

Since it is a dairy product variety, not all ghee products on the market can indeed be branded as the best grass-fed Clarified Butter. As a result, you might be curious what makes organic grass-fed ghee special and that it is so highly valued by chefs.

What is grass-fed cow ghee?

Grass-fed cows are expected to yield the highest quality milk if their diet is strictly adhered to year-round by providing them the highest quality green grass. This milk-friendly diet keeps the cows well, and their free grazing makes them content, allowing for the highest quality cow milk to be obtained.

Grass-fed cows deliver the desired cow milk, which would be full of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and excellent quality saturated fats, and then it comes down to the fact that whenever the best cow milk is accessible, pure cow milk provides the best ghee for the world.

The quality grass-fed clarified butter is high in vitamins A, K, E and D, encourages good digestion, decreases inflammation, and is highly nourishing and soothing for all muscle tissue, according to many experts.

When heated, ghee preserves its alkalinity, unlike most other oils. It helps the body’s natural cleansing abilities while also reducing dryness. 

Grass-fed clarified butter: 4 best ways to use in your diet

  • You can use grass-fed clarified butter as a cooking oil. It is a versatile dairy that works with almost all dishes. No matter if you are cooking a spicy meat recipe or delectable dessert, ghee is a better butter for you.
  • You can try ghee as a natural taste enhancer for your cooked dishes.  The nutty aroma, rich creamy texture, and convenience of uses have made  ghee a unique dairy oil to add extra layer of richeness in your cooked recipes.
  • Grass-fed clarified butter ghee is a healthy butter alternative. You may use ghee as a spread on your morning toast, salad seasoning, or a coffee condiment.
  • Grass-fed ghee is a dairy oil with high smoke point and that makes it a safer option for cooking processes like baking, roasting, sauteing, slow-cooking, etc.
  • You can use grass fed ghee as a natural home remedy for colon care, natural detox of the body. Simply add ghee with warm water in an empty stomach.
grass-fed clarified butter
grass-fed clarified butter
  1. It is obtained from organic cow milk and not from milk ingested with artificial compounds used for preservation or greed.
  2. Milk comes from good milk (quantity & quality), with no additives and ample nutrients.
  3. This type of ghee is very shelf-stable and can stay fresh for 12-18 months in normal room temperature.
  4. It is proven that grass-fed cow’s produce better quality milk than grain-fed cows. The color of the quality grass-fed clarified butter is golden yellow 

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