Ghee milk allergy deterrent: how it is safe for dairy sensitives

  • August 7, 2021
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Ghee milk allergy

Ghee milk allergy is an unusual term. Although ghee is milk-made and a dairy product, it is free from the risk of a dairy allergy. It means dairy-sensitive people can enjoy ghee in their diet without the risk of dairy allergy and related irritation. 

What is milk allergy? What are the triggers of milk allergy?

Milk allergy is an irritating immune response to proteins found in cow’s milk, which can cause various allergic reactions in some individuals. It is one of the most common food allergies, especially in children. Milk allergy differs from lactose intolerance, which is the problem of digesting lactose, a sugar in milk.

Triggers of milk allergy are primarily related to specific proteins in milk, and the two main proteins responsible for most allergic reactions are:

  1. Casein: Casein is a heat-stable milk protein. It is a common trigger for milk allergies.
  2. Whey: Whey is another milk protein. It is responsible for the liquid portion of milk. Whey protein can also trigger milk allergies.

As ghee is lactose and casein-free, therefore ghee milk allergy are not a viable possibility.

Why is ghee milk allergy risk-free? 

There is a reason behind the safety of ghee as a dairy product. Ghee is made from milk fat, but it is free from lactose and casein, two components of milk solids present in milk butter. 

Ghee is lactose and casein-free dairy, making ghee simpler than butter, which is better than usual milk butter. 

If we chemically analyze milk butterfat, we will find milk solids, water, and butterfat. In the ghee-making process, the milk-solid content of milk-butter gets eliminated, and the water content evaporates. So, when clarified butter is prepared, it becomes lactose and casein-free. 

According to research, lactose and casein are the triggers for dairy allergy. As ghee clarified butter is free of lactose and casein, it is a risk-free allergy dairy for lactose intolerants

Cultured ghee: Ghee milk allergy free dairy

In conventional ghee-making, lactose, and casein are eliminated during boiling milk butter. Although most lactose and casein get removed in this boiling process, there is a chance of having negligible lactose and casein residues. 

But in cultured ghee, cultured butter converts all the lactose into lactic acid. It initiates a chemical change that makes cultured ghee completely lactose-free. The presence of lactic acid makes it extra soothing for the irritated stomach. 

Ghee Milk Allergy
Ghee milk allergy deterrent: how it is safe for dairy sensitives 1

In terms of using ghee milk allergy protection, cultured ghee is a better choice for lactose intolerants.  

Cultured ghee is a safe option for casein-allergic people, too. 

Ghee milk allergy: Kids with food allergies can have ghee in their diet

 Ghee milk allergy-safe combo is good for kids’ diets. Kids may face the problem of lactose intolerance. As they can’t feel the pain initially, their irritability with the dairy products often aggravates. 

If kids in your home show vulnerability to dairy products, you may try ghee in their diet.

  • You can use ghee as a spread as a butter alternative. Butter contains lactose and casein, but ghee is free of milk solids.
  • You may use ghee as cooking oil for making deep fry, seasoning, and sautéing with ghee.
  • You may offer melted ghee with honey and pepper powder to your kid. It will ease his constipation problem, prevent flu attacks, and boost the body’s immunity power. 

Ghee milk allergy risk-free: How to use ghee in a dairy-free diet?

Ghee is often considered a risk-free milk allergy option for individuals with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance because it is made by clarifying butter and removing milk solids, the primary triggers for milk allergies. However, it’s essential to exercise caution and choose a suitable ghee to ensure it is entirely dairy-free. Here’s how to safely use ghee in a dairy-free diet for ghee milk allergy-free benefits.

Read Labels Carefully:

  • When purchasing ghee, check the label to ensure it specifies “dairy-free” or “lactose-free.” Some commercial ghee products may contain trace amounts of milk proteins, so reading labels is crucial.

Make Your Ghee:

  • The safest way to guarantee dairy-free ghee is to make it yourself. Homemade ghee involves clarifying butter; you can control the process to remove all milk solids.

Use Ghee as a Butter Substitute:

  • Ghee is an excellent dairy-free substitute for butter in cooking and baking. You can use it to sauté vegetables, fry eggs, spread it on toast, or use it in recipes that call for butter.

Incorporate Ghee into Dairy-Free Recipes:

  • Ghee adds a rich, nutty flavor to dishes and can enhance the taste of dairy-free recipes. Use it to flavor dairy-free soups, stews, or roasted vegetables.

Dairy-Free Baking:

  • Substitute ghee for butter or other fats in dairy-free baking recipes. It can add moisture and a delicious flavor to baked goods.

Bulletproof Coffee:

  • If you enjoy bulletproof coffee, you can use dairy-free ghee as an alternative to traditional butter. It provides the same creamy texture and sustained energy benefits.

Seasoning and Dressings:

  • Ghee can be mixed with herbs and spices to create dairy-free seasonings or salad dressings.

Ghee-Based Sauces:

  • Prepare dairy-free sauces using ghee as a base. Ghee’s creamy texture can help create rich and flavorful sauces for pasta, rice, or vegetables.

Use Ghee as a Cooking Fat:

  • Ghee’s high smoke point suits it for various cooking methods, including frying and deep-frying. It can replace dairy-based fats in recipes.

Desserts and Confections:

  • Incorporate ghee into dairy-free dessert recipes like ice cream, fudge, or truffles.

Always avoid cross-contamination, especially when dining out or buying pre-made foods. Cross-contamination with dairy products can occur, so it’s essential to communicate your dietary restrictions when eating out or purchasing packaged foods.

By choosing dairy-free ghee and using it in various culinary applications, you can enjoy its rich flavors and cooking benefits of ghee while maintaining a dairy-free diet.

Which is the best ghee in the market?

While buying ghee, always check the manufacturer’s declaration on the product label if the ghee is lactose and casein-free. Otherwise, you may opt for cultured organic ghee, which contains lactic acid and is completely safe for severely dairy-allergic people.

Grass-fed ghee contains higher-quality nutrients than non-grass-fed ghee variants. Always buy Grass-fed ghee from a safe and remote place where 100% food safety is maintained and stringent quality assurance is implemented. 

About Milkio Grass-fed ghee

Milkio grass-fed ghee is all-natural and does not contain artificial color, flavor, or chemical preservatives.

It is a butterfly-marked non-GMO certified product (by Non-GMO Project Verified, USA) and an organic certified dairy product by BioGro, New Zealand.  

Milkio Ghee is a gluten, lactose, casein, carb, sugar, and chemical-free product safe for consuming lactose intolerants and casein sensitives. It is keto and paleo diet-friendly.  Milkio ghee products do not contain artificial color, flavor, or preservatives.

Milkio ghee offers a high smoke point. It is shelf-stable dairy oil you can store in the kitchen at room temperature for up to 18 months from manufacturing. To buy Milkio ghee, you may place an order at the Milkio website. 

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