Ghee butter dairy free: why it’s called a safe dairy

  • March 4, 2022
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Ghee butter dairy free item may seem to be a contradictory statement. Have you ever thought that ghee is a dairy but why it is called safe dairy? How the product has earned the status of safe dairy?

Ghee butter dairy free status is not a self-proclaimed complement to the dairy oil. Neither the product has earned this compliment as a hype, nor it is a paradox. Ghee is a dairy product because it is a milk product.  It is a safe product because dairy allergic people can consume ghee safely. 

Ghee butter dairy free: Why ghee is labeled as dairy-free?

Let’s start the discussion first about dairy sensitivity.  Some people cannot consume dairy products because lactose and casein in milk cause irritation and it makes the digestion process sluggish and complicated. Furthermore, dairy sensitivity may cause heartburn for people affected and doctors often recommend these people avoid adding dairy products in their diet.

Research has revealed some interesting facts about dairy sensitivity. The presence of lactose and casein in milk products is the trigger behind dairy sensitivity.  People are either found lactose intolerant or casein sensitive.  Sometimes severely dairy-sensitive people are found, who are allergic to both lactose and casein. But what is relevant about Ghee butter dairy free?

How ghee is a safe dairy?

Although ghee is a milk-made dairy, it is different. In fact, ghee making process makes it different. Ghee is cooked from milk butter and a slow cooking process is used to prepare the product.

The slow cooking process helps in the gradual elimination of lactose and casein from the product.  During the course of boiling, the lactose and casein content of butter gets burned and dropped at the bottom of the crockpot as ghee residue.  The water content of butter also gets removed and finally, pure butterfat gets separated in the pot.

In the end, ghee is collected via a strainer and is kept in a jar.  It is proven that the butterfat becomes lactose and casein-free during the boiling process. As lactose and casein are the main triggers for dairy allergy, ghee turns out to be a dairy risk-free product.

Ghee is cooked from milk butter; hence it is a dairy product.  It is lactose and casein-free, so it is free from the risk of dairy sensitivity.   This is one of the reasons Ghee butter dairy free statement stands valid.

Ghee butter dairy free: how to use the dairy oil

Versatility is one of the main reasons behind calling Ghee butter dairy free a multipurpose oil.  You can use ghee as

  • Nutritious cooking oil. It is known for its high smoke point that acts stable against high heat flame.
  • You can use ghee as a natural taste enhancer for all cooked dishes.
  • Ghee is a healthy butter alternative.
  • You can use ghee as a keto-approved condiment for making fatty coffee.

Summing up:

Ghee butter dairy free advantage is one of the reasons behind the great popularity of ghee clarified butter. However, grass-fed ghee is the best quality ghee you can trust for its nourishing quality. If you want to add ghee benefits in your favor, it is always wise to buy ghee with authentic grass-fed quality.

Is ghee ok for dairy allergy
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