Ghee and coconut oil in coffee: what is the better choice?

  • August 17, 2021
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Ghee and coconut oil in coffee is a common choice for keto dieters. But what makes the combo a wise choice?

Ghee and coconut oil in coffee may sound interesting enough if you are sincerely concerned about following keto diet recipes.  Morning coffee can offer you the kickstarting dose of caffeine undoubtedly. But with ghee and coconut oil boost, the coffee provides a lot more extra in your favor.

When you are adding ghee and coconut oil in coffee, you are gifting yourself a healthy dose of fat, which can help you in natural weight loss.  The credit goes to the condiment, the mix of ghee or coconut oil, and enriched in MCT benefits. 

But have you started wondering already how ghee and coconut oil in coffee helps in weight loss management? It is interesting enough. Let’s begin with ghee coffee.

Ghee in coffee: how it works in your favor?

ghee and coconut oil in coffee means ghee and caffeine combo. It proves to be a winning formula for weight loss struggle.  Ghee is a source of healthy fats, and its beneficial fatty acids are known for umpteen health benefits. If we decipher ghee and coconut oil in coffee option, the pair offers good choice for its weight loss support.

Grass-fed ghee offers a good amount of MCT conjugated linoleic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, and Short-chain fatty acids like butyric acid.   These fatty acids take good care of heart health, helps in shedding weight, and promoting the colon’s health. 

When you add ghee and coconut oil in coffee, it helps in the following ways.

Boosts energy level: It boosts your energy level as ghee is a high-calorie fat. Ghee is combined with caffeine, perks up your energy level.  

 Fattening coffee works as a filler drinkGhee and coconut oil in coffee makes the morning beverage uniquely fattening: it works as a filler food in your breakfast and reduces your hunger pang. This helps reduce calorie intake, which is passive support for weight loss diet plans like keto or Paleo diet.

Ghee coffee offers help for the colon: Ghee and coconut oil in coffee is an excellent way to get the support of butyrate in the breakfast.  It helps in maintaining a clear gut, promotes a healthy colon, and regularizes bowel movement. 

 Coffee with ghee boosts feel-good mode: Ghee is an identified dairy for its contribution in maintaining a feel-good mood.  Ghee added to the morning coffee is a tasty, flavorful way to boost a feel-good mood from the start of the day.

Ghee offers a nutrient-powered dose for the brain: Ghee is a nutritious dairy for brain health. Ghee in the coffee is good for providing a healthy amount of nutrition for your brain.  

 Ghee in coffee takes care of blood sugar level: Good fats in Ghee and coconut oil in coffee aid to hold back the absorption of coffee in the body. This, in turn, averts harmful insulin spikes, as well as unwanted blood sugar clangs.

Coconut oil in coffee: What are the benefits? 

Coconut oil has gained much popularity presently because of its healthy nutrients and sweet aroma. Especially people following a vegan diet prefer using coconut oil. Let’s take a look at the benefits of adding coconut oil in the morning coffee. 

The support of MCT: Coconut oil contains MCT (medium-chain triglycerides), which is supportive of weight loss diet success.  Keto diet followers prefer to have a high-fat low card diet, and coconut oil in coffee fulfills the keto diet recipe, which aids in the weight loss program. Adding coconut oil to coffee helps in promoting ketosis. 

Coconut oil improves HDL Cholesterol: Clinical studies have proven that coconut oil can improve HDL cholesterol levels in the human body, which is a definite help for a healthy heart. 

Coconut oil and coffee can help in bowel clearance: The MCT oil content of coconut oil is helpful for bowel clearance. Chronic constipation patients will get benefits from coconut and coffee drinking benefits. 

Coconut oil+ Ghee in the coffee: how will it work?

It is rightly said by one keto enthusiast that “Combining Ghee and coconut oil in coffee is like enjoying the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the nutty flavor of butter and the delicate sweetness of coconut oil to recreate a delicious saturated fat while adding both of them in the ghee.”

Ghee and coconut oil in coffee
Ghee and coconut oil in coffee
The ghee and coconut oil in coffee mix offers benefits like:
  • Support for high energy from the time of breakfast.
  • It offers support for healthy gut.
  • It is helpful to achieve ketosis, and that ensures faster success in the Keto diet.
  • It makes coffee fattening and slightly sweet. 
  • Ghee and coconut oil nutrition will be available for coffee users. 

However, you must use healthy and pure coconut oil and premium quality grass-fed ghee in your coffee to get all the attractive benefits and keto diet advantages at your favor while using ghee and coconut oil in coffee

How to add ghee and coconut oil to your coffee?

Start with a cup of coffee prepared to your liking. Add one or two teaspoons of grass-fed ghee, depending on the amount of coffee you want to drink and how much buttery you love to make it. Once the ghee is poured, add one or two teaspoons of coconut oil. Then emulsify your drink thoroughly until it becomes frothy.

Why grass-fed ghee? 

When ghee is labeled as grass-fed, it specifies the diet of the dairy animals whose milk is used for extracting the milkfat. Cows are fed with green grass or grass-based silage in organic dairy farming and it helps them get better nutrition and growth.

According to research, grass-fed cow milk contains more nutrients than any non-grass-fed variety of cow milk. For a similar reason, grass-fed milkfat made grass-fed ghee contains more nutrients than grain-fed ghee.

It has been found that Grass-fed contains more CLA and butyric acid than non-grass-fed dairy products. New Zealand dairy products are world-famous for offering grass-fed goodness with their grass-fed dairy products.

Why New Zealand? 

“New Zealand is favored by nature when making milk, with a climate, soils, and abundant water that create a perfect environment for growing grass. Our cows can access pasture year-round, meaning space to roam and follow their natural inclinations to be outdoors. Our geography means New Zealand is free from many pests and diseases, supporting healthy cows and allowing us to farm with a lighter hand.”

Ghee and coconut oil in coffee

Milk and milk products are highly nutritious and one of the most digestible protein sources, providing essential building blocks for a healthy diet for young and old. As one of the few large dairy exporting countries, New Zealand plays a vital role in global nutritional security.”

Source: NZ story

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Milkio grass-fed ghee is organic and non-GMO certified by BioGro, New Zealand. It is a shelf-stable product. You can preserve it in your kitchen for 12-18 months from its manufacturing date without refrigeration.  While adding ghee and coconut oil in a coffee recipe, you can use Milkio grass-fed ghee for all the ghee benefits.

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