Coffee with coconut oil: the keto weight loss formula

  • March 10, 2022
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Coffee with coconut oil & ghee is a winning formula to start a day with the dose of caffeine, MCT oil, and ghee’s energy boost.  The coffee making recipe is called keto coffee.  Do you know how beneficial the coffee is for your health?

Coffee with coconut oil and ghee is a popular recipe formula for keto coffee that dieticians recommend for losing weight in a tasty natural way. It is actually no magic.  Few Keto recipes are famous worldwide, keto coffee is one of them. But what makes this fatty coffee a global hit?

Keto coffee can offer you an energy-packed start for the day. The dose of caffeine boosts stamina level and when you add coconut oil and ghee in it, it helps in getting dietary support for weight loss. The CLA content in MCT oil is a definite plus for adding lean mass in the body and reducing unwanted fats.

Coffee with coconut oil: how it acts as a filler food?

Ghee is used in the coffee as a condiment instead of using milk and sugar. Ghee as a dairy oil offers rich nutrition and high calorie. Ghee coffee in the morning time works as an energy drink and performs as a filler food that restricts hunger pang for a long.

Coffee with coconut oil and ghee supports weight loss for three main reasons. These are,

  • It reduces hunger and thus helps in calorie control.
  • Ghee is a natural laxative that helps in regularizing bowel movements.
  • The Vitamin content of ghee works as an antioxidant, and MCT in coconut oil helps in reducing body fat faster.

Coffee with coconut oil and ghee: how to prepare

One of the easiest keto recipes you can try for weight loss is coffee with coconut oil and ghee.

  • Just take a cup of black coffee, without milk and sugar.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of ghee to it.
  • Now add coconut oil one teaspoon and then mix the entire coffee in a blender.

It takes hardly 5-6 minutes to prepare fatty coffee, which is one of the easiest keto recipes.  You can try the recipe on the first morning.  If you are following a keto weight loss diet, the inclusion of fatty keto coffee is a wise choice for better weight loss benefits.

coffee with coconut oil

Benefits of ghee coffee and coconut oil

  • Fattening coffee functions as a filler drink: Ghee and coconut oil blend in coffee makes the morning drink exclusively fattening.
  • It works as a filler food in your breakfast and controls your hunger pang.
  • The drinking of keto coffee helps reduce calorie intake, which is passive support for weight loss diet plans like paleo or keto diet.
  • Coffee can uplift metabolic rate and it tastes delicious. 
  • A tablespoon of ghee makes coffee more wholesome.
  • Ghee contains good fats that may reduce inflammation, endorse gut health, and offers conjugated linoleic acid support that may boost the process of weight loss from the body.

Summing up:

Coffee with coconut oil and ghee is a healthy choice no matter if you are following a weight loss diet plan or not. It is a nourishing beverage for high calorie, energy benefits, and good calorie management for the day. If you add grass fed ghee and virgin unprocessed coconut oil in your morning coffee, you will get the best benefits.  

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