Tallow VS Ghee: A Quick Guide to Dietary Fats

  • August 9, 2021
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Tallow VS Ghee compares high vegetarian fat ghee & animal fat tallow.

Tallow VS Ghee: Which is the best? Well, besides being perfectly suitable for high-heat cooking, both are dairy-free. As the milk solids are extracted and separated, ghee and tallow fit individuals with lactose intolerance.

Although both are exceptional alternatives to vegetable oils, there are a few differences between them. Let’s have a look. 

Tallow VS Ghee Comparison: a brief comparison


  •      Ghee: Ghee is clarified butter. Simply put, ghee is just butter simmered and strained out of milk solids and water. 
  •      Tallow: Tallow is nothing but beef fat. The raw fat present around the kidneys and loins of cattle is known as suet. This suet is melted, simmered, and strained to produce tallow. 


  •      Ghee: Rich Yellow Hue in color with a silky-smooth texture. It is stored in containers/jars. 
  •      Tallow: White to Yellow with a solid texture. It is stored in jars. 

Smoke Point:

  •      Ghee: Ranges around 375 to 485°F. Generally, it depends on the purity of the ghee. 
  •      Tallow: It has a smoke point of 400°F. With a high temperature, the tallow is excellent for deep frying. 


  •      Ghee: It offers a nutty flavor and taste, specifically regarding Grass-fed ghee. Hence, ghee is used to make various savory and sweet dishes. 
  •      Tallow: Tallow is animal fat that offers a beefy flavor with a less neutral taste. It tastes the same as a bite of steak. Hence, tallow is strictly used only in savory foods as the flavor is easily recognizable. 

Note: The flavor and color of ghee and tallow depend on the raw material and production process.

Ghee VS Tallow: How They Measure Up in the Kitchen

If we compare Ghee vs Tallow in kitchen use, we will find the following differences in their uses.

  • Smoke Point: Ghee boasts a higher smoke point, around 485°F (250°C), making it ideal for high-heat cooking like frying, while tallow has a slightly lower smoke point, around 400°F (204°C).
  • Flavor and Aroma: Ghee offers a rich, nutty flavor that enhances dishes, while tallow has a milder taste, making it a versatile cooking fat that doesn’t overpower the food’s original flavors.
  • Texture and Consistency: Ghee remains solid at room temperature, making it spreadable like butter. Tallow, on the other hand, is solid at room temperature and becomes more liquid when heated.
  • Nutritional Profile: Ghee is known for its lower saturated fat content than tallow, which contains more saturated fats. Ghee also contains beneficial fatty acids like conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).
  • Cultural and Culinary Usage: Ghee is prevalent in Indian, Middle Eastern, and some Asian cuisines, while tallow is commonly used in Western and traditional cooking, particularly for frying and preparing specific dishes.
  •      Ghee: Ghee is excellent for high-temperature cooking, like sauteing, high-heat frying, and roasting. 
  •      Tallow: Tallow shines when fried or roasted. You can use it when you wish to make your vegetable dish meat-rich. 

Tallow VS Ghee: Ghee and Tallow Similarities:

Both ghee and tallow are brilliant moisturizers and skin balms. You can apply them to the dry areas of your skin. However, both get greasy after a while. 

Final Word: Tallow VS Ghee 

Regarding the Tallow VS Ghee comparison, both are stable and reliable. Further, both are saturated fats suitable for cooking at higher temperatures. Vegetarians can’t include tallow in their diet, whereas ghee is a good fit for all vegetarian recipes and weight-loss diet plans like DASH, Keto, Paleo, etc.  

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Ghee VS Tallow: for culinary applications

If we compare ghee vs tallow for culinary applications, several factors come into play:

Smoke Point:

  • Ghee has a higher smoke point, typically around 485°F (250°C), making it suitable for high-heat cooking methods like frying and sautéing.
  • Tallow also has a decently high smoke point, around 400°F (204°C), making it suitable for most frying and roasting applications.

Flavor Profile:

  • Ghee offers a distinct, nutty flavor that can enhance the taste of various dishes. It’s often used to add richness to both savory and sweet recipes.
  •  We compare tallow has a milder flavor, making it a versatile cooking fat that won’t overpower the ingredients’ natural flavors.

Texture and Consistency:

  • Ghee remains solid at room temperature, similar to butter. It can be spread easily on bread or used as a cooking fat.
  • Tallow is also solid at room temperature but has a different texture than ghee. It’s commonly used in its solid form for frying and deep-frying.

Nutritional Profile:

  • Ghee is often considered a healthier option due to its lower saturated fat content than tallow. It also contains beneficial fatty acids like conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).
  • Tallow has a higher saturated fat content, which can concern those looking to reduce saturated fat intake. However, it is a source of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D.

Cultural and Culinary Usage:

  • Ghee is prevalent in Indian, Middle Eastern, and some Asian cuisines. It’s used in various dishes, from traditional curries to desserts.
  • Tallow is commonly used in Western and traditional cooking, particularly for frying and preparing roast potatoes, pastries, and fried foods.


  • Ghee’s distinct flavor makes it suitable for various savory and sweet dishes. It can be used as a cooking fat, a spread, or even as a replacement for butter in many recipes.
  • Tallow’s mild flavor makes it a versatile fat for frying and roasting, as it won’t significantly alter the taste of the final dish. It’s commonly used in classic recipes like French fries and fried chicken.

In summary, the choice between ghee and tallow in culinary applications depends on your dish, flavor preferences, and dietary considerations. Both fats have their unique characteristics and can excel in various cooking scenarios.

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