Is ghee dairy-free? – The facts you will live to know

  • August 7, 2021
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Ghee dairy-free

Ghee is butterfat and turns out to be technically not dairy-free. Is ghee dairy-free is a serious question, isn’t it? Ghee, regardless of the processes, turns out to be separated from the better. It can fall under the category of a dairy product. The lactose-free ingredient is good enough for most people’s digestive organs. Casein, which is the milk product, is also hardly present in ghee. The organic ghee can fall under the casein-free ingredient, making some people think that ghee is a vegan meal. But it is not always. The ghee comes with the involvement of the butterfat and is derived from the animal product that is milk. Each of these ingredients is equally important for giving the required taste and health benefits.


New Zealand is a good place to live. We are ranked sixth in the world for global gender equality1, seventh for prosperity2 and eighth3 for happiness. Dairy makes an important contribution to New Zealand’s prosperity and wellbeing. It is our largest export goods sector and contributes around 3% of our GDP. But even more than that, our dairy communities are an integral part of thriving rural life in New Zealand.

Source: NZ story

ghee dairy-free
ghee dairy-free

Favorability of this ghee

The Paleo diet mainly focuses on ghee, but it is a direct derivation from cow milk. It undergoes a process of the churning of clarified butter that ensures the removal of the milk solids for leaving with the pure butterfat. If you are wondering “is ghee dairy-free”, you must know that under no circumstances can it be said that ghee is completely free from milk proteins. The store-bought vegan ghee also turns out to be the direct or indirect product of cow milk. The only difference is the form of the product that you are picking. The 100% organic product turns out to be rich in fat-soluble vitamins, and it’s free from fat and cholesterol. You can consider the ghee from a reputed store like Milkio, which is one of the pioneer stores providing the customers with the perfect casein-free ghee. It is nutritional and offers many health benefits.

is ghee dairy-free
is ghee dairy-free

Final words

We believe by now you have the answer to “is ghee dairy-free.” The rich buttery taste makes them favorable for cooking at higher temperatures—a lifestyle for the people who rely on the low in carbohydrates foodstuff. The higher levels of the conjugated linoleic acid ensure that it can be the typical daily diet. Besides this, the metabolism of the cholesterol and the other fat constituents on the lower level make it better. Pick the right product that you think is favorable for your daily intake for a richer taste and nutritional benefits.

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