Keto and Ghee: what makes them a winning combo in the keto diet

  • September 1, 2021
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Keto and ghee: how they are related? Let us go into depth and learn how beneficial to have Keto and ghee when we are on the keto diet.

You may be one who is on the Keto diet and is naturally hesitant to have ghee along with the diet plan that you follow for weight losss  benefits.

According to recent research, it can be said that good quality grass-fed organic ghee is one of the best Keto-friendly ghee that you can have. Keto and ghee diet are perfect match for each other that offers immense benefits.

There are obvious reasons for such usage. Before going into details it can be said that the grass-fed ghee from Milkio is easily digestible, nourishing, keto-friendly, and conatins robust MCT Oil support as compared to other cooking media to enhance ketogenesis.

Benefits of organic grass fed ghee while on Keto diet

If we see the diet plan of keto and ghee from Milkio foods paired, it’s all healthy for ghee users. In fact, there are quite a few benefits of having the best grass-fed organic ghee available from Milkio Foods, New Zealand, in your keto diet plan.

More fat:

Keto and ghee is one of the best combos that offers 15% more fat than butter per serving. So, when you are on a Keto diet the usage of pure ghee can help you to have the desired intake of good quality fat that you are recommended to have in your diet.

Additional CLA:

It is seen that the grass-fed ghee that you can have from brands like Milkio, New Zealand,  offers profound CLA support. The ghee additionally contains sufficient short-chain and medium-chain triglycerides like MCT that offer sufficient energy when you are on a keto diet.

More Butyrate:

 Lack of carb in diet may cause ierregularities in colon care. The Keto and ghee combo is a trusted remedy to offer sufficient amount of Butyrate in your health system. So, when you include pure grass fed ghee in the diet plan, keto and ghee combo improves  your  metabolism and offers extra care for your gut.

Butyric acid is one of the acids that is a ketogenic acid and hence it is one the friendly fatty acids that you should offer your digestive system while on a keto diet to achieve ketosis.

Having read up to this you may be wondering where to get grass-fed ghee. The easiest way of having such fresh stock of  paleo and Keto ghee is from Milkio Foods, New Zealand.

You can be on the official site of them and order your ghee. Let us check some  other  ghee and keto benefits.


Additional CLA support:

Grass fed ghee contains a higher quantity of conjugated linoleic acid( CLA). Wondering what is the benefit of having additional CLA? The answer is, it offers the support for natural weight loss. Yes, you can have the benefits of weight loss by adding Keto and ghee diet together from a reliable brand like Milkio.

More vitamins:

Have you ever wondered about the role of vitamin K2 in grass-fed ghee? If yes, then you can be assured that the pure ghee not only has vitamin K but also contains A, D, and E. While you are following keto and ghee diet together you are getting vitamin boosts to keep your immunity power high and calcium absorption power of the body at its best.

A versatile way to eat:

Are you bored with having the same keto snacks daily? If you are then you can use the Keto-friendly ghee from Milkio foods as a topping on the snacks and have the pleasure of eating in a different manner with a flavorsome taste.

Want to buy Milkio grass-fed pure New Zealand Ghee? Place your order at Milkio E commerce.

To buy the best delicious Paleo and Keto friendly ghee from Milkio place your order at Milkio E-Commerce.

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