Eat good fat ghee: The success mantra of keto diet

  • March 6, 2022
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Eat good fat ghee is an easy way to enjoy weight loss benefits via keto diet planning. Have you ever thought why ghee and weight loss are complementing each other in keto diet?

Eat good fat ghee diet is a nutritional remedy for natural weight loss.  Ghee is keto recommended dairy oil and that makes it obvious that you can use ghee in the diet while following a keto or paleo diet.

But we all know that ghee is a fat-based oil and fat-based foods may induce weight gain problems in the human body.    Then why ghee diet is helpful for keto dieters?

Eat good fat ghee diet: what is unique about ghee?

Ghee is a fat-based food but ghee fats are mostly saturated fats.  When we consume saturated fats in moderation, it works as a filler food for us and it helps to reduce the hunger pang.  Ghee in keto smoothie or in keto morning coffee works as a calorie intake controller. It helps in the weight loss process without hampering the immunity level of our body.  But have you ever thought about why you are supposed to eat good fat ghee diet in the keto diet plan?

eat good fat ghee

Eat good fat ghee food: how does it help the keto diet?

The healthy saturated fats in ghee are the source of wholesome ghee benefits. Keto is a weight loss diet and in the keto diet plan, carbohydrate-based foods are a strict NO. The fuel of the body to run the life process while following the keto plan comes from healthy fats.

Pure ghee is rich in saturated fats and it offers the support of high calories.  In both the ways, ghee helps in weight loss process of a keto dieters. A keto diet calls to eat good fat ghee recipes and ghee made coffee, which offers some additional benefits like,

Colon care: ghee in the diet helps in cleansing colon. Ghee butyrate content is helpful for maintaining sound gut health.

It takes care of skin, hair and eye:  In most of weight loss diet plans, the dieter may suffer from dull skin and hair fall problems. Keto diet is not an exception. However, if you add ghee in your keto diet plan, it is easier to take care of your skincare, hair care and dry eye care naturally.

Supports smooth digestion: Ghee in the diet helps in easy digestion. It helps in maintaining smooth metabolism and improved digestive power.

Offers support for strong bones: Ghee in the diet offers the support of fat-soluble vitamin K2, which is known for its natural power to boost power to absorb calcium in the body which results in stronger bone health.

Ghee helps in body detox:  Ghee in the diet help in detoxing the digestive system. It works as a natural cleansing dairy oil.  Detoxification is a benefit to eat good fat ghee during the keto diet plan.

Eat good fat ghee: 5 best ways to add ghee in keto plan

Ghee is a nutritious dairy oil and is known for its versatile benefits. There are at least 5 unique ways to add ghee to your keto diet plan.

  • You can add ghee as a cooking oil in your regular cooking for keto recipes.
  • You can try baking recipes with ghee. The high smoke point of ghee keeps keto baking recipes flavorsome and safe.
  • You can try ghee as a healthy substitute for butter in your keto breakfast.
  • Add ghee to your morning coffee. It is a nice recipe for making fatty keto coffee to start an energized day.
  • Add ghee as a taste enhancer to your keto salads. However, you should use premium grass-fed ghee to prepare and eat good fat ghee ketorecipes.

About Milkio Grass-fed ghee

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