Do you refrigerate ghee? Ghee storage tips for longer span

  • March 2, 2022
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Do you refrigerate ghee? Have you ever been instructed to do so? Probably not, because pure grass-fed ghee does not need refrigeration support. Ghee is a shelf-stable dairy and with few storage- arrangements, you can extend its shelf life longer than usual. 

Do you refrigerate ghee like butter? No, probably you don’t, because it is not in custom. We all know that ghee is shelf-stable. Of course, we are talking about pure grass-fed ghee only. But it is truly unusual of dairy, isn’t it?

Ghee is a milk-made product and as we know that milk is highly perishable, milk products suffer from their storage sensitivity. But ghee is exceptional.  The slow cooking process f ghee is the real hero behind the magic.

Do you refrigerate ghee? Why you don’t?

During the boiling process of butter, milk elements like lactose, case, and moisture get evaporated and removed. Butterfat becomes separated and that is ghee clarified butter. The clarification process filers the impurities from the butterfat and adds more shelf-life to ghee.

If anyone asks do you refrigerate ghee, you can answer a big No. But there is a big catch here. You don’t need to refrigerate ghee when you are using pure ghee and you are storing the dairy oil with few restrictions.  You may consider the restrictions as storage tips for upkeeping ghee in the kitchen.


Do you refrigerate ghee? If not how to store ghee safely?

Ghee clarified butter is storage-friendly dairy oil. But you need to store ghee in an organized way. Look here few ghee storage tips.

  • Always place the ghee jar in a dark and dry corner of the kitchen shelf.
  • Keep the ghee in an airtight container and keep the lid tightly closed.
  • If you have bought ghee in bulk, always take some quantity of ghee in a small container for frequent use.
  • Do not place a metallic spoon in the ghee for keeping it fresh for longer than usual.
  • Don’t try to insert a human finger in the ghee. It may turn ghee rancid quicker than usual shelf-life.
  • Do not keep the lid of the ghee jar open or loosely closed. Moisture intrusion or dust intrusion may play detrimental for your ghee’s shelf-life.
  • Do not expose your ghee jar under direct sunlight or scorching heat. In this way, ghee shelf-life gets compromised.
  • Before buying do not forget checking the storage instruction of the dairy oil.

Do you refrigerate ghee? Don’t have to if you have bought grass-fed ghee

If you are buying pure grass-fed ghee, you can be sure of its longer shelf-life if you maintain the simple storage tips shared here. Grass-fed ghee offers longer shelf life than non-Grass fed ghee and that’s a definite advantage.

You can check shelf life of the ghee before you buy. This is a passive way to check pure grass-fed product.  If you need to refrigerate ghee after you open the container, be sure that it is not an authentic grass-fed ghee. Do not go for it better.

How does ghee heal you?
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