Can I buy Clarified butter: the nitty gritty of pure ghee shopping

  • August 7, 2021
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Clarified butter is said as a 100% pure form of butter. It is made by evaporating the water content and segregating the milk solids from regular butter. It is suitable for cooking dishes at high temperatures due to its high burning point.

Don’t repeat the same question “Can I buy clarified butter?“. Just explore some brilliant health benefits of clarified butter here.


Benefits of clarified butter

Clarified butter or ghee offers much more health benefits than butter or regular oil. It is suitable for weight loss if used in a moderate amount. Clarified butter is also a rich source of Vitamin D, building strong and healthy bones.


Apart from this, you know what ghee decreases your exposure to cancer-causing agents. Due to its high burning point, it doesn’t break down quickly in free radicals. These free radicals are responsible for damaging the cells and causing cancer.


Clarified butter also has anti-inflammatory properties like swelling and burns. It contains antioxidants like butyrate, which helps in stimulating the immune system. Thus, it helps in soothing inflammation.

How to buy good quality clarified butter?

For purchasing supreme quality clarified butter check out its label. Look whether it’s made using 100% grass-fed cow’s milk as it is the purest and the most beneficial form of clarified butter.


Always go for organic quality clarified butter. If you use organics, you will never ask yourself, can I buy clarified butter? But you will relentlessly purchase it. Organic products are made using the most natural practices and are free of chemicals. So always go for organic products.

Check the shelf life of your clarified butter. The pure quality of it can be stored for longer intervals on shelves. However, you can’t just keep it behind a heater or had a stove. Plus, it is suitable for people suffering from dairy allergies as it is made by separating the milk solids from butter.

Can I buy clarified butter

Towards the end, if you will buy clarified butter from a trusted and recognized brand. You will never find the need to question yourself that “can I buy clarified butter?” So look for all the instructions before buying it. You will never regret your choice as it is a fruitful choice, full of antioxidants and vitamins.

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