High Vitamin Butter Oil vs Ghee: what makes ghee a better option

  • August 13, 2021
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High Vitamin Butter Oil vs Ghee

High Vitamin Butter Oil vs Ghee
High Vitamin Butter Oil vs Ghee

 High Vitamin Butter Oil (HVBO) is obtained from dairy milk of cows grazing on natural green pasture. The product is extracted from butter without heat. The quality of High Vitamin Butter (HVBO) depends on the diets that the cows feed. For example, cows grazing on grains do not yield enough vitamins to produce High Vitamin Butter Oils. On the other hand, dairy cows supply milk with high vitamin butter oil content.

Ghee is a type of clarified butter that is obtained when butter is heated. Heating butter allows milk and liquid to separate from the fat. Milk then turns into solid leaving the remaining oil, ghee. Ghee is perfect for frying foods because of its higher smoke point; it can withstand up to 485°F. Ghee is not the same as high vitamin butter oil like most people have quoted it. Ghee is a delicious oil used for cooking but not a superfood. Ghee is cooked at high temperatures, and this destroys most of its nutrients. 

While discussing high vitamin butter oil vs ghee, high vitamin butter sales are on the rise due to the increased consumption points to its benefits, such as increasing chances of conception for women with ovulatory disorders. Ghee is free from protein and Lactose hence safe for most people suffering from a dairy allergy. In most supermarkets today, full fart yogurts are highly consumed than the low to no fat selections. The first time I see such a thing!

In terms of high vitamin butter oil vs ghee concentration, ghee’s concentration is lower than that of High Vitamin Butter Oil vs ghee . You will have to consume a proper amount of ghee daily to obtain vitamin K, something you can get on a spoonful consumption of high vitamin butter oil.

The theory that consuming fats is dangerous to your health is slowly diminishing. Consumers and health experts are appreciating the fact that saturated fat and cholesterol are crucial for our body. We are beginning to understand the roles played by cholesterol in our systems. Initially, people thought that consuming cholesterol-laden foods causes heart attack and death which is not true. So, include healthy fat in your diet and stay healthy!

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