Boiling points of oil: 4 clues ghee is a better dairy oil for cooking

  • January 16, 2022
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Boiling points of oil is an importan point of cooking with oil safety

Boiling points of oil are essential for cooking. However, the boiling point of an oil is that optimum temperature when it starts boiling, but there is a catch. Before oil boiling starts, it starts smoking. The higher the smoke point of an oil, the safer the oil is for cooking, especially high-heat cooking. The higher smoking point of oil decides the oxidative stability of the oil. 

Different types of oils are available in the market. They look the same, but these oils are not equally safe because of the variance in their smoke point. Therefore, when selecting oil for cooking, always check the boiling points of oil or fats you have chosen. 

The disadvantages of using low boiling points of oil

When an oil reaches its smoking point, it starts producing smokes before boiling. The smoking point is the breakeven point that indicates that the oil is on the verge of getting unstable. It is when the hot oil loses its stability and starts producing free radicals.

Free radicals are harmful to human health, and it is anticipated that free radicals in the body may trigger cancerous diseases. High heat cooking and low smoke point of oil are deadly combos for health.

Ghee vs. standard cooking oil: what makes ghee a better choice?

Ghee clarified is a good choice for four premium reasons as a safe cooking oil. These 4 reasons are outlines for a glance:

Pure grass-fed ghee offers a higher smoke point. It is 485 degrees Fahrenheit, higher than the boiling points of oil commonly used for cooking. It means better safety, healthier cooking methods.

Ghee is a versatile dairy oil. In your kitchen, you can cook different varieties of dishes using ghee. It is a safe oil, and it enhances the taste of cooked dishes naturally.

boiling points of oil infographic
boiling points of oil

Ghee is a shelf-stable dairy oil. Apart from the higher smoking point than the usual boiling points of oil, you can store ghee at room temperature without freezing support for longer than any cooking oil. Convenience in handling is one of the benefits of using ghee as a cooking oil. 

Ghee contains loads of nutrients. It holds friendly fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, E, D, and K, and antioxidants. When you add pure grass-fed ghee to your diet, you are adding more value to your foods. 

Summing up:

If you count on only the boiling points of oil, you should use them for your cooking, and ghee is always a better choice. You can consider other health benefits of ghee as a bonus like digestion-friendliness, weight loss support, strong bones, good heart, excellent immunity boost, etc.  Ghee offers some other benefits like natural skincare, hair care, and eye care.  Ghee in the diet is helpful for brain health, which prevents the onset of memory-related diseases.

However, only pure grass-fed ghee can offer you the highest smoking point, more significant than the boiling points of oil commonly used as cooking oils.

For example, you may try Milkio Grass-fed ghee, a pure New Zealand product that offers a high smoke point of 485 degrees Fahrenheit. It is excellently shelf-stable. you can store the ghee at room temperature up to 18 months from the manufacturing date without any refrigeration support.

Milkio grass-fed ghee products are keto and Paleo diet-friendly, and these dairy items are verified non-GMO products you can trust for their 100% traceability. With an excellent nutty caramelized aroma, Milkio ghee products are a great taste-enhancer for your cooking.

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