How do you make clarified butter? Learn to make supreme quality butter right at your home.

  • August 17, 2021
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 how do you make clarified butter?

Well, if you are someone who loves butter, then you must try ghee/clarified butter. So how do you make clarified butter? Clarified butter is made by removing milk solids and water from regular butter.

The fascinating fact is that’s it tastes excellent and nutty. Due to its high smoking point, it can blend strong spices well. Clarified butter is a staple in Indian cuisines and food. It is raising its popularity in the world because it is the purest form of butter. As it is 100% of the milk solids or dairy part is eliminated from it. Also, it’s highly recommended to people suffering from allergies to dairy products. Above all, it’s is super easy to cook at home, and you must try it. Here is a step by step guide –

How do you make clarified butter
how do you make clarified butter


  1. Take a small pan, and melt the butter in it. Keep the stove medium flame.


  1. Consistently heat the butter on a low flame till you see an even floating layer of milk solids on the top surface.


  1. After this, boil the butter, till the milk solids become foamy on the surface.


  1. After solids become foamy, bring the heat to medium. With this gentle boiling, the milk solids will start breaking apart.


  1. With the continued gentle boiling, the solids will sink to the bottom of the pan. Continue the boiling while adjusting the flame’s heat. The water above should be boiled without scorching the milk solids.


  1. Once you see the solids have completely parted from the liquid above. Stop the boiling. Now, slowly strain the buttery liquid with the help of a cheesecloth-lined strainer or through a coffee filter to separate the milk solids from butter. Yippee, you have just cooked clarified butter out of butter. Pat yourself on the back for making it so well.

Make sure to store clarified butter in a refrigerator for at least one month. This ensures an excellent quality to it. From how do you make clarified butter to preparing it yourself, you must have felt amazing. Do keep in mind to use unsalted butter for making clarified butter. In this way, you will not incidentally over salt your dishes. Without hassles, enjoy the delicacy of your meals by adding a spoon of clarified butter in it.

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