Grass fed ghee: why cooks & bakers should give it a try?

  • July 6, 2021
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Grass fed ghee: why cooks & bakers should give it a try?

Grass fed ghee is rightly called the 18th century super food and smart pantry hero because of its plenty of health benefits. Homemakers, mothers, and health freaks prefer to use cow ghee for its multiple health benefits, but these days’ cooks and bakers are also loving this pantry staple dairy products.  Yes, this preference is not a sheer gimmick but for some basic advantages cow ghee has earned the focus.

Ghee has high smoke point

Cooking and deep frying is a part of tasteful cooking and bakers often love to show their culinary charisma by doing yummy baking of varieties of cakes, cookies, as well as different veg and non-veg items. Because of high smoking point, ghee can ideally be used as the best quality baking oil.

For similar reason, cow ghee can be used for deep frying safely in comparison to low smoke cooking oils. Deep frying is done in higher temperature than other cooking processes and low smoke cooking oils get broken at a higher temperature and produce harmful free radicals.

Grass fed ghee
Grass fed ghee

But due to its high smoke point cow ghee remains stable while being used in deep frying, ghee remains unbroken, that is fatty acid chains in ghee never break down for producing free radicals.

Cooks and baking aficionados therefore have found grass fed ghee much more a stable cooking oil that is good to eat and safe for health management because of ghee’s plethora of health benefits.

Grass fed ghee adds a special aroma

Besides baking and frying, if cow ghee is added to your prepared foods, it adds a special nutty flavor. This flavor enhances the scrumptiousness of the foods where ghee is added. Furthermore, the oily texture of ghee works as a natural food preservative. Long dish life of a prepared food is the chef’s dream and ghee helps in enjoying the delight for them.

Ghee can be used in different cooking process

Grass fed ghee, the staple for modern kitchen, can be used in different ways in kitchen. It can used for frying, sautéing, seasoning, and cooking with the best health efficiency and without the least compromise on its edible quality.

Ghee offers outstanding shelf life

Intricacy of preservation and extended service life of the cow ghee needs special mention. It is now proven that good quality cow ghee if kept in an airtight jar, can stay intact for next 17 years after the date of manufacturing of the ghee. This extended life of ghee can be quite relieving for the cooks and home makers because they may preserve good quality for long without refrigeration. With little care they can preserve the item for long in kitchen.

Ghee is a feel good food

 Chefs and baker will find delight in knowing that ghee adds a layer of feel good mood for consumers. It is medically proven that ghee offers stress control ability, it is enriched in the quality of dairy products but as it is free of lactose and casein there is no risk of lactose allergy for the consumers.

These are some of the reasons cooks and bakers will find their peace of mind while using ghee in their kitchen. If you love baking and cooking delicious food items, ghee can be your staple ingredients in kitchen. Use Milkio grass fed cow ghee for enjoying all ghee benefits.

Milkio grass fed ghee is a pure New Zealand delicacy and made with care. Only pasture-raised grass fed butter is used for making Milkio ghee products. Milkio Ghee is lactose, casein, and gluten-free, which is safe for dairy intolerants. Milkio grass fed ghee is verified non-GMO, and keto and Paleo diet-friendly.

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