Grass fed cow ghee is an elixir for wholesome body care

  • August 24, 2021
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Grass fed cow ghee: an elixir for complete body care and cure.

Grass fed cow ghee was rightly called a natural elixir in ancient South India. One of the reasons behind this extensive appreciation of ghee is its versatile qualities that offer therapeutic effect on the users. Besides its excellent culinary utility, pure ghee can be used wide range of Ayurvedic treatment processes. Let’s take a quick glance:

Ghee is used in Purvakarma

This is a small gesture of well being that will offer you good result. Take small amount of ghee and swallow it in the early morning in empty stomach. This simple ghee remedy helps in eliminating toxic faster accumulated in tissues and in keeping body fresh and revitalized.

Grass fed cow ghee
Grass fed cow ghee

Ghee is a natural laxative

Take 1 teaspoon full cow ghee in morning along with lukewarm water and have it in empty stomach. Ghee works as a natural laxative for healthy cologne.

Those are suffering from IBS or difficulty in bowel movement will get excellent result by using pure cow ghee treatment remedy. This warm water and ghee remedy can improve oral health including teeth and gum.

Ghee is a weight-loss dairy

Grass fed cow ghee contains lots of good saturated fats. As a result, ghee acts as a  weight loss dairy oil as it can control hunger better than usual. If you add ghee in your morning tea or coffee, it works as a fatty coffee that is one of the most popular recipes of keto coffee for weight loss.

Ghee helps in making bones strong

Strong bones are one of the best ways for staying healthy and looking young. Grass fed ghee contains Vitamin K2 that is helpful for improving the calcium absortption power of the body from differnt food sources. As a result of the ghee diet, bones become stronger for people of all ages.  Strong bones is one of the best and unique grass fed cow ghee benefits.

Grass fed cow ghee
Grass fed cow ghee

Ghee for other beauty uses:

  • Ghee can be used for relieving sun burn: simply smear it on the patch and you will get rid of irritation
  • He can be used as a facial moisturizer: you may use two drops of essential oil of your choice.
  • Two drops of pure cow ghee can be used as eye drop to treat dry eye syndrome
  • Two drops of ghee in nostril can stop nose bleed
  • Ghee massage on forehead can relieve all types of headache including migraine.
  • Ghee massage is believed to be aphrodisiac: it was used in ancient India for natural stimulation of sex drive.
  • Regular ghee massage on hair helps in controlling the problem of dandruff and aids in controlling the problem of hair-fall due to nutritional insufficiency.
  • Regular but moderate consumption of pure cow ghee is believed to boost memory power, concentration, and intelligence.

These are the benefits of using pure cow ghee according to Ayurveda. However, if you can use pure cow ghee, then only you will get to enjoy these ghee benefits.

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