Why Milkio ghee is special?

  • October 19, 2021
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Milkio’s Traditional ghee is prepared from 100% grass fed pure cow milk and offers an excellent combo of good quality fatty acids, antioxidants, loads of Vitamins, CLA, and beta carotene. Milkio’s traditional Ghee is also resistant to free radical damage, unsalted and completely lactose free. Moreover, the ghee has no preservatives, no Trans-fats, no colors, no flavor enhancers added to it. It is procured from pure cow milk with absolutely nothing else mixed to it.

Milkio’s Ghee is impeccable for cooking, spreading, baking, and just about anything you want to cook in your kitchen, as well as for the holistic purpose you wish to perform religiously.

It is a balanced super food that supplies nutrition in adequate quantity for consumers, hence it is special.