Butter Oil Vs Ghee: Facts to Help Prepare A Smart Diet

  • August 7, 2021
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Butter oil vs Ghee

Many confuse butter oil vs ghee being almost the same product. For those who are lacking Vitamin K2 in their diet, ghee can be a huge savior. It can even be consumed by lactose-intolerant people. When seeking a source of fat-soluble Vitamin K2, butter oil alongside ghee is the two readily available products.

Ghee and Its Process

Ghee in simple words would be butter from which the sugar lactose and the protein casein has been removed. What is left behind would be 100% fat. To manufacture ghee, butter should be heated to make sure the liquid evaporates and the protein settles down.

 One of the benefits of ghee would be that it is shelf-stable and helps with constipation. You can keep a jar of ghee at home in a cool and dry place without any need for freezing.

You can roast and sauté with ghee at a greater temperature and it will not burn off. For people who are lactose intolerant, ghee is a great alternative to help enhance flavor. Milkio ghee is made from grass-fed cow milk butter ensuring a range 


Milk and milk products are highly nutritious and one of the most digestible sources of protein, providing essential building blocks for a healthy diet for young and old. As one of the few large dairy exporting countries, New Zealand plays a vital role in global nutritional security.

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Butter Oil And What You Should Know?

butter oil vs ghee

Butter oil vs ghee can create a lot of confusion thinking ghee is butter oil. Butter oil is made from raw butter without any heat application. Instead of heat with the help of the centrifugal method, the proteins are separated from the butter. You will find all the enzymes and the probiotics in butter oil and it also contains Vitamin K2.


Buying ghee is not easy when doing it for the first time. Brands like Milkio have been there for years offering people organic ghee and its other variants. They are affordable and are available both in stores and online sites selling butter oil vs ghee. You can surely contact them by reaching out to Milkio to know more about their products.

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