Boiling point of vegetable oil: why is ghee a better option

  • January 25, 2022
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The boiling point of vegetable oil

Boiling point of vegetable oil is a critical point for oil use. However, using oil with a higher smoke point can minimize cooking risk.  

The boiling point of vegetable oil is generally lower than cooking fats like ghee and butter. That’s why the smoking point of these oils is more down than cooking fats, which offers compromised stability for high heat cooking processes. 

The low boiling point of vegetable oil is not friendly for high heat cooking methods. High-heat cooking processes like baking, sauteing, slow cooking, or deep frying are the cooking methods that run safely when the used oil is at a high smoking point. Before an oil reaches its boiling point, it starts smoking, which is its breaking point where it turns unstable. 

Why is ghee a safe health oil for high heat cooking?

For high heat cooking, therefore, the use of ghee clarified butter is safer as ghee offers a high smoke point, and it acts more stable against high heat while used in baking or roasting. 

Ghee clarified butter offers a higher smoking point. It is 485 degrees Fahrenheit for pure grass-fed ghee, which is higher than any other common cooking oils used in the market. When used in high heat compared to the low boiling point of vegetable oil optionsghee offers better stability and safety in the cooking process. 

If you want to try healthy baking at home or serve some deep-fried recipes in your evening snacks, always choose an oil with a higher smoking point. The low boiling point of vegetable oil is not a heart-friendly option as free radicals’ formation may cause the induction of bad cholesterol in the body.

Free radicals are harmful to human health and wellbeing. It is assumed that free radicals in the body may cause cancerous disease, which is dangerous for us to survive with staying pink in health.   

The low boiling point of vegetable oil: other cooking advantages of ghee

Compared to the Low boiling point of vegetable oil, ghee as a cooking oil offers some added health benefits to the diet.

  • Ghee is nutrient-rich cooking oil that contains heart-friendly fatty acids, antioxidants, and some fat-soluble vitamins that helps in skincare, hair, and eye care.
  • Goo fatty acids in ghee offer support for a good heart. 
  • Ghee is lactose and casein-free dairy; hence it is free from the risk of dairy sensitives. It is indeed an advantage for lactose and casein intolerants. 
  • Ghee is a shelf-stable dairy oil that you can keep longer in your kitchen without freezing support, but herbal /vegetable oil is not that storage-friendly. 
  • Ghee adds an excellent flavor in cooked dishes, but vegetable oils don’t have any taste to add to the cooked foods. The silky texture of ghee is missing, too, while you cook with vegetable oils. 

What is grass-fed ghee? What’s unique about it?

Compared to the low-slung boiling point of vegetable oil varieties, grass-fed ghee offers a high smoke point and higher boiling points. But grass-fed ghee is not a common ghee variety. In dairy standards, grass-fed ghee is a premium dairy product, which you can rely on for optimum health benefits. 

Boiling point of vegetable oil: why is ghee a better option 3

Pasture-raised, grass-fed cows and other ruminates are called grass-fed dairy cattle. According to research, grass-fed ghee contains more nutrients and beta carotene than grain-fed dairy. If you buy authentic grass-fed ghee in your doubt, you will get the best ghee benefits in your favor.  

organic ghee product specifications
Milkio Ghee
Milkio Grass-fed ghee: A pure New Zealand product

A claim is not sufficient to choose grass-fed ghee. You need to buy a pure, all-natural dairy from a good place with 100% traceability. You can use Milkio grass-fed ghee for all types of cooking to avoid the harmful effect of the low boiling point of vegetable oils. 

Milkio grass-fed ghee is lactose and casein-free, it does not contain gluten, carbohydrate, or sugar, and the products are non-GMO verified. The ghee offers up to 18 months of storage life from its manufacturing date without freezing support. Its keto and Paleo diet is friendly and all-natural, a unique product of New Zealand’s excellent deep dairy practice.   

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