Have you ever tried ghee?

Ghee is a pack of nutrition, proteins, and flavor. It is used all-time in cooking and baking. Many people across the world are in love with ghee. Ghee tastes best in some of the unique dishes. If you don’t know some brilliant ways to use it or are looking for new ways, this article will help you a lot. So what is the wait for?

Let’s explore some best uses for ghee.

  1. Melt it over your veggies. Butter is good, but ghee flowing on the vegetables is a next-level taste. So roast or boil the vegetables and sprinkle some liquid ghee on them.
  1. Are you a Maggie lover? Well, there are fewer chances that you do not love Maggie. Almost everyone is in love with Maggie. So have you ever tried ghee in Maggie? Yes, it tastes so great that you flow into its smoothness. Just add 1 -2 teaspoons of ghee in a hot bowl of Maggie. Mix it well. I swear you will never stop using ghee in your Maggie after a try.
  1. Popcorns are the eternal partners in movies. Just blend your mug of popcorn with melted ghee. No, it’s not just right. It tastes too good. This recipe is also simple and is one of the best uses for gheeThe popcorn will slide on your tongue, and the nutty flavor of ghee will relax and thrill you. So enjoy your movies in a new way.
  1. Is it very calm out there? If yes, then why don’t you have a cup of hot chocolate? You may have drunk many cups of hot chocolate during winters. Now try adding a twist to it; make your hot chocolate tastier by adding a spoon of ghee to it. It will make your hot chocolate even more desirable and will give it a silky texture.
  2. Love bread and jam. Well, why don’t you try it in a new way? Just crush your bread, melt and sprinkle ghee over it, and add sugar into it. You can even add some chocolate balls or fruit to it to enhance the flavor. 

best uses for ghee

So these were some of the simplest and best uses for ghee, just for you. Try them out!!

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