Ghee butter: why and how it works well for your health

Ghee butter is one of the most popular dairy products all across the world.

Predominantly, it works as a cooking ingredient however, pure ghee has lots of beneficial effect; hence, homemakers count it as a pantry staple.

Cooking with ghee adds a unique taste in the prepared dish. Not only taste, ghee adds a series of health benefits for its users. These health benefits can be of mainly two types. One is culinary benefits and the other is therapeutic benefits.

Common therapeutic benefits of ghee

Ghee buyer if consumed in moderation, will offer you some unique health advantages. These are:

  • It can improve skin softness.
  • Ghee in diet is believed to improve natural eye power.
  • Clarified butter is hydrating in nature. Moderate ghee butter in diet keeps skin moisturized.
  • External ghee massage helps in prevention of fine-line and wrinkles.
  • Ghee massage on scalp keeps hair strands healthy, shiny, and looks voluminous.

Other than therapeutic effect, ghee in diet is helpful for some more physical wellbeing. These are maintaining healthy heart, keeping control on cholesterol count in blood, enjoying detoxed body, healthy colon, etc.

But now the common question is what makes ghee potential for offering all these critical health benefits. Ghee content stands responsible for all these health advantages.

How ghee butter is better for natural weight loss?

Ghee butter is also called clarified butter or anhydrous fat.  Ghee butter is free of lactose and casein and hence free from the risk of lactose intolerance. Because of high calorie count ghee butter can be used in morning tea/coffee, and besides supplying energy, it works as a filler food too. 

Ghee Butter contains omega-3 fatty acid and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which are proven ingredients for natural weight loss helps. Furthermore pure ghee butter (clarified butter) contains Butyrate that keeps your colon health robust hence keeps digestive system clean and detoxed. 

Ghee-butter in diet

Ghee-butter in diet coupled with healthy and active life style will always help you in staying fit and fine and in-shape.  Also omega-3 fatty acid in ghee helps shedding in weight naturally.

Ghee butter made from cow’s milk is an outstanding source of fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, D, and K) and healthy fatty acids that support in weight loss.

How ghee butter is good for healthy colon?

Pure cow ghee butter contains butyrate, which is a proven medical remedy for colon cleaning. Regular moderate quantity of ghee in diet reduced the problem of constipation, irregular bowel movement, etc. Furthermore, ghee in diet helps in faster digestion hence, keeps body toxin free.

Raw cow ghee in one teaspoon quantity in one glass of lukewarm water in the morning helps in cleaning intestine, which restores immunity and improves balance of physical wellbeing.

Ghee butter is a versatile dairy product that is good for kids as well as for aged people.

Ghee in diet is good for active people as well as for the pregnancy ladies do its nutritional benefits. This anhydrous milk fat is good for improving health and that makes it a health friendly kitchen item for cooking and using in wellness remedies.


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