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Is butter considered dairy: what is a better butter?

  • January 14, 2022
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Is butter considered dairy? It is a critical concern for dairy-sensitive people.

Is butter considered dairy product? The answer is, of course, yes, butter is a dairy product because it is made of milk.  But besides milk butter, there is another variety of butter, which is milk made but not as perishable as milk butter. It is clarified butter, which is also known as ghee. Although butter, it is better butter. But is there dairy in butter? It is dairy because it is milk-made & contains lactose.

Clarified butter: how is it made?

The question “is butter considered dairy” is somehow related to clarified butter making. Clarified butter is simplified ghee butter, which contains only butterfat. Milk butter is boiled in a slow cooking process. The process eliminates milk solids like lactose and casein and isolates butterfat from the milk butter. So if you are wondering, “Is butter a dairy” or not, butter is a dairy, no doubt. But is butter considered dairy? Yes, it is a milk product. Is there lactose in butter? Yes, butter contains lactose. But what about Clarified butter?

Clarified butter is refined butter derived from milk butter, but it is a simplified butter. It is a dairy product but safe for use in the diet of people of all ages. Does butter have milk in it? Eventually, yes. Both ghee and butter contain milk properties, so kinds of butter (milk butter and clarified butter) are called dairies.

Is butter considered dairy? What is risk-free dairy?

Is butter dairy? As butter dairy is milk-made, butter is a dairy product. Does butter contain Lactose? Yes, Dairy butter contains traces of lactose and casein; hence it may not be a safe food for dairy-sensitive people. Is butter a dairy product? Butter is made from milk; hence it is a dairy product. Is there lactose in the butter? Yes, butter contains lactose and casein.

Clarified butter or ghee is made of milk butter. The slow-making process eliminates lactose, cases, and milk solids and makes it free from dairy elements that trigger dairy. Ghee is free from dairy allergy, making it safe for lactose intolerants’ diet.  It is called a risk-free dairy. Despite being a dairy product, it is safe for butter dairy sensitives because of its lactose and casein-free content.

Ghee Vs Butter
Is butter considered dairy: what is a better butter? 1

Butter vs ghee: what makes ghee a better butter?

Is butter considered dairy? Does butter contain milk? Is butter lactose-free? It is a milk-made product and which is why butter is dairy. Although ghee and butter are milk products, the two have fundamental differences. Butter dairy contains milk solids, but ghee does not. Does butter have lactose in it? Yes, and that’s why ghee is better butter.

Butter offers a high smoke point, but ghee offers a higher one. In high-temperature cooking, ghee is a better choice than butter.

Although ghee is dairy, it is a shelf-stable butter dairy that you can store at room temperature. Does butter have dairy in it? Is butter a dairy product? As butter contains lactose and cases, we can safely conclude that butter has elements to trigger dairy allergy, but ghee is free from this snag. Is butter fattening? Butter contains trans fat. It may turn fattening.

Summing up:

Is butter considered dairy product? If you wonder if butter is considered dairy, the answer is obviously yes. But all butter is not the same kind of dairy. For instance, butter and clarified butter are different. Butter contains traces of lactose and casein, whereas clarified butter does not contain lactose and casein due to its clarification process.

No matter if you are lactose intolerant or not! You may use ghee in your diet without any worry about dairy sensitivity. Grass-fed ghee products are more nutrition-rich than non-grass-fed ghee varieties. Is butter considered dairy? Yes, all kinds of butter are dairy, but clarified butter ghee is the safest dairy for your diet.

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