Use of Cow Ghee for Amazing Beauty Benefits: Ghee for beauty therapy

Use of pure cow ghee for beauty therapy is an excellent way to stay gorgeous and glowing: use only quality ghee to get best effects for skin and hair care.

We all know that cow ghee is a super food. According to Rujuta Diwekar, celebrity dietician it is like a natural elixir that can help you to stay slim and trim, healthy, as well as agelessly beautiful if it is used and consumed in moderation. Have you ever heard of ghee for beauty therapy? Read on…

If it is sounding exaggerated, it is really not! You might be surprised knowing that these staple cooking ingredient in Asian kitchen can do wonder as your all-rounder beauty serum. It is a skin friendly product and amazingly you can eat ghee in your food.

Ghee for skin care

Pure ghee is oily and this oily content works as a natural moisturizer for your skin. No matter if you have dry skin or mixed skin, smearing ghee before bathing will add excellent smoothness and glow in your skin. Don’t love the aroma of ghee? Mix it with coconut oil and use it on body before you take bath. Use it two-three times in a week year around and see the difference in your skin glow.

Ghee offers anti-wrinkle treatment

Ghee contains loads of antioxidants and vitamin A, E and K. all these three vitamins are known for their skin friendly qualities.  As a result, if you smear pure ghee on skin, it will offer you natural anti-wrinkle treatment at extremely low-cost. No need to use costly anti-aging serum!! Use ghee for beauty therapy and prevent wrinkle formation for long!

Heals chapped lips

If you are suffering from chapped lips problem, other than using lip balm, you can use pure ghee. Just smear ghee on your cracked lips preferably at bedtime and you will see the wonder effect in next 3-4 days. Regular use of ghee balm on lips will solve your chapped lip problem for ever. With ghee for beauty therapy trick you will enjoy soft and hydrated lips all year around.

Reduces under-eye dark circles

Ghee has excellent rejuvenating power. You can use this quality to diminish your under eye circle. You can really save money in account of costly under eye cream and simply start smearing ghee under your eye zone, on the dark circle zone. You will see visible improvement by next 2 weeks’ time; however, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle with adequate sleep at night.

Improves hair texture

Want to add natural bounce in your hair? If yes, give your hair a ghee massage preferably at night. If you don’t like ghee flavor, add ghee in coconut oil for scalp massage. Wash your hair with mild shampoo in next morning. This cost efficient hair treatment will add excellent luster in your hair along with silky bounce. Stop using costly chemical based conditioner: rather use pure ghee for beauty therapy for your hair health. It will stop hair fall and dandruff problem to a large extent.

Home-made ghee packs

Homemade ghee face pack can be prepared easily to enjoy power of ghee for beauty therapy.  You need to take some ghee and mix it with milk and lentil paste. You could also add besan(gram flour) to make it more effective. Mix all the ingredients until it is blended finely. Now, apply the mix all over the face and allow it to sit on your face for at least 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water and enjoy softness of your skin.

These are the amazing ways you can enjoy benefits of pure ghee for beauty therapy. It’s all natural with no side effect and no extra pressure on your monthly salon budget.

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