Ghee Soap: The Creamy and Moisturizing Bar for your skincare

  • August 5, 2021
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Ghee Soap

 Ghee Soap-Have you heard of it? Is that for real? Well, yes! Ghee is called clarified butter, a popular cooking/frying ingredient in several parts of the world. As clarified butter lacks protein and water, unlike regular butter, ghee offers a high smoking point. The fact further denotes that you can fry your dishes at extremely high temperatures.

However, besides this, ghee serves innumerable benefits when added to diet and when used externally. You must have heard about the skin-softening functions of ghee. Like other kinds of butter, ghee gets absorbed by the skin, thereby keeping it moisturized. To make the best use of ghee, you can opt for a ghee soap. Apart from being extremely beneficial, you can make soap at home as well with ghee! Isn’t that amazing? 

Ghee Soap
Ghee Soap

To make ghee soap, follow the steps below:

  • Grate a bit of cocoa butter or shea gentle soap base in quarter sizes
  • You will quickly get these bases at the shop or any candle-making shops or online. However, always remember they must be 100% pure grass-fed butter without adulteration. 
  • Now, put the pieces of butter at the top of a double boiler 
  • Next, fill your boiler with at least half water. 
  • Put the top inside the boiler bottom. Make sure to place it at the bottom
  • Set the flame to medium/low heat 
  • Stir occasionally to ensure that the butter does not burn or stick to the bottom as it melts
  • Once you see it is entirely melted, add ghee to it 
  • After ghee, add 10-12 drops of essential or natural oils. It can be of any flavor: Vanilla, Chocolate, Cinnamon, or any other spicy scents. 
  • Adding the flavor at this point will help it to blend with the natural buttery smell of ghee
  • Next, add sufficient liquid colorant to obtain the desired color 

As the ghee soap dries, you will notice it getting darker in color. If you want to get a pink petal soap, you can skip adding color. 

  • Put the soap into a blender and blend it for 60 seconds, and it will help the ghee emulsify and blend along thoroughly with the base. 
  • Pour the ghee soap into containers of whatever shape you wish to obtain 
  • Set them aside for 24 hours 
  • Release the soap, and there you go!
  • Ghee soap is ready! 
Ghee Soap
Ghee Soap

However, while using ghee, make sure you look for the best quality ghee. Using degraded or quality compromised ghee can destroy the motive. Take some ghee for your kitchen simply because you must be using grass-fed ghee in your kitchen.

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