Why Pure Ghee Cost Always Higher Than Normal Ghee? Here’s your answer

  • August 7, 2021
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Ghee cost

While used for cooking, ghee is considered more aromatic than animal fats, standard butter, or frying oils. Well, it also comes with a question ghee cost, maybe you like most of the people you think why it is so high. While ghee fanatics believe in the beneficial effects and prepare their own at home, critics easily find out that ghee has a higher saturated fat ratio. Well, in the case of ghee, it is right that quality does domes at a good price. Here we will discuss the price of ghee and how it matters.


Why is pure ghee costlier?

Well, you may have noticed that there are several types of ghee available with different price tags on them. The organic ghee will be priced higher than normal ghee and pure ghee cost is even higher than the most. This is because the quality of pure ghee is multiple times better than the other two. As a matter of fact, pure ghee apparently melts at 37 degrees Celsius inside the human body, despite the body’s natural temperature of 37.2 degrees. As compared to conventional ghee, which would not dissolve easily and tends to store up in your body as bad fat, it’s fascinating to notice how nature has fine-tuned ghee for our consumption with no risk of cholesterol-related issues.


Pure ghee cost seems to be more expensive than ghee made using a commercial process, in which businesses use machines and other techniques to make pure ghee. The traditional wooden churned method is used to produce Vedic ghee. As a result, pure ghee is significantly more expensive than other varieties of ghee on the market.


What about cheaply priced ghee?
By now you must know that in order to get the best quality you have to spend some money. So it is clear that the lower ghee cost indicated that either it is adulterated or has a very lower shelf life. With pure ghee, you get all the nutrients, flavor, and longer shelf life along with a nutty aroma. 

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