Ghee compared to butter: 3 causes ghee is a better butter

  • September 17, 2021
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Ghee compared to butter

Ghee compared to butter is a very intriguing topic for all of us, especially for the dairy lovers. While both ghee and butter are dairy products, there are some unique differences between them that need to be understood. Let’s start observing the ghee facts compared to butter to assess the superiority.

Ghee compared to butter is a dietary concern for all of us who love to use ghee and butter in cooking or in their raw condition. While both ghee and butter are dairy products, and made from milk, there is cholesterol in ghee vs butter, there are some specific differences.

To undertand the comparison between ghee and butter, you have to understand both their innate features. Let’s check both the products and the related consequences like ghee benefits that depend on their features.

Ghee vs. Butter composition: an Overview

When we talk about ghee compared to butter, it is essential to know about both the products. Both ghee and butter are made up of almost the same ingredients. However, ghee contains healthy fats and is rich in antioxidants and fat-soluble vitamins as compared to butter. Therefore, in terms of nutrition, ghee nutrition overweights the benefits of butter and is thus offers better nutritional values.

Why is ghee better than butter?

Several reasons are there why health experts call ghee as one of the best dairy staple for all age groups. Some of the primary reasons why ghee is better than butter includes:

  1. Ghee is a versatile ingredient

Ghee is used for innumerable purposes. From cooking of different dishes to offer skin and hair care, you may use ghee differently but with better result. However, butter has limited scope in terms of versatality. Butter is not versatile like ghee. Considering ghee vs butter cooking, ghee is a better choice.

  1. Ghee has a higher smoke point

The ghee-making process is the reason that makes ghee more clarified in its texture. The highe smoke point of ghee (485 degrees Fahrenheit ) makes it an ideal dairy oil for cooking at higher temperatures. Unlike butter, ghee is safer for sauteing and deep-frying. Ghee contains healthy fats, which also makes it apt for wide array of cooking.

  1. Ghee is a dairy-friendly product

Unlike butter, if we check 1 teaspoon ghee in grams, ghee does not contain milk protein, casein and is thus safe for the people with upset stomach and dairy allergy. Ghee, compared to butter, is also free of lactose and is, therefore, suitable for the consumption of lactose intolerants.

Ghee compared to butter

Which is the best ghee for use

Organic grass-fed cow ghee is one of the best ghees to use. Organic ghee does not contain additives, which are harmful for health and can affect well-being. On the other hand, grass-fed cow ghee is storage-friendly and offers long shelf- life if stored in suitable condition at room temperature.  Pure grass fed ghee does not reqire refrigeration support while butter gets quickly perishes if not preserved under refrigeration. 


If we check ghee compared to butter facts, it will get logically clear that ghee is a healthier choice for all. It would be the best to consider the use of ghee instead of butter in butter recipes. For high temperature cooking, ghee is alway a better choice. 

Ghee vs. butter comparison proves that ghee is a better choice. However, the only condition is you need to use pure grass fed ghee like Milkio Grass fed ghee, New Zealand to enjoy the best possible ghee benefits.

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