Clarified butter taste: silky, velvety, flavored with buttery opulence

  • August 13, 2021
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clarified butter taste

The process of making it includes elevated cooking of pure butter to accomplish a deep and nutty flavor. 

Have you ever thought of getting a break from your regular butter? As you are tired up of its light taste and old texture. If you feel the same, then you will appreciate yourself for using clarified butter.Clarified butter taste

So what makes clarified butter taste so awesome sauce!

Well, there’s a simple procedure behind it. First of all, it involves the butter made from 100% green grass-fed cows. Now, the butter is simmered on the stove by adjusting the flame of the gas in between. After a while, the water leaves the butter, and the milk solids separate from the butter. After this, the clarified butter is stored in a cool place.

Slow simmering and milk solids segregation imparts clarified butter with profuse nuttier to taste. It will surely make your day and will leave you wanting more. So let’s see some simplest ways of using clarified butter. 

Some super ways of enjoying the superb taste of clarified butter are –

  • You must make bulletproof coffee from clarified butter. It is a perfect blend of healthy fats plus caffeine. This combination will help you in giving a head start to your regular mornings.
  • Clarified butter taste is very calm on sandwiches and bread. Trying spreading and brushing your sandwiches and bread with it, and enjoy its buttery smooth flavor. 
  • Drizzle it on roasted veggies or squash. Try out some eggs in ghee. For this, first, fry the eggs, then sauté it with some veggies and potatoes on its sides. Have this with a cup of coffee. It will make your day.

Here were some unique and brilliant ways to enjoy the rich taste of clarified butter. The list doesn’t end here; you can come up with your courses to enjoy it. Clarified butter taste is nutty and slippery on the mouth. So do enjoy it!!

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