‘Can I use butter instead of ghee,’ here’s your answer

  • August 17, 2021
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Can I use butter instead of ghee? Butter vs ghee

The answer is yes. Ghee is made by simmering butter, typically churned from milk. Impurities from the crust are skimmed, and the pure liquid fat is preserved. It discards any solid trace.

By this concept, since it is milk-based at its heart, ghee can be called a dairy product. With this, you must question whether ghee falls in the dairy-free category and maybe, ‘Can I use butter instead of ghee’? If that’s what you are thinking, let’s dive into the discussion-

Does ghee count as a non-dairy product?

Can I use butter instead of ghee? Ghee is gluten-free in its natural state, just like all ingredients; before determining that it is 100 percent healthy, you must check its ingredient content. Although dairy doesn’t contain gluten, certain dairy products cause complications due to a protein called casein for those who cannot tolerate gluten. Although casein is not gluten, it similarly affects individuals with diseases susceptible to gluten. 

Can I use butter instead of ghee: What about lactose tolerance?

Ghee can still be acceptable for consumption if your question is about lactose sensitivity. Most lactose is lost when the milk fat is skimmed or stained away when ghee is heated to make clarified butter.

Ghee has a very low lactose content, making it acceptable for specific individuals with lactose intolerance or allergy to drink it. To feel the side effects of lactose intolerance, you should be highly susceptible to lactose because ghee includes only traces of lactose.

Ghee Instead Of Butter
'Can I use butter instead of ghee,' here's your answer 1

This means ghee is safe for people with lactose intolerance, and if they still think. ‘can I use butter instead of ghee,‘ then the answer is no if you are lactose intolerant.  For non-lactose intolerants, ghee is a better option for its versatility. 

Can I use butter instead of ghee? Let’s check the ghee-making process from butter. Milk solids are almost entirely eliminated during ghee production, and good butter fats are left behind. There is no lactose because of this, but even though some dairy products appear to induce an adverse reaction, ghee is much less likely to be toxic.

They target proteins in our immune responses. Ghee contains neither because it is just fat and hence can usually be tolerated, even by people with extreme lactose intolerance.

Technically, since it’s butterfat, ghee isn’t dairy-free. However, since all of the milk solids are completely absorbed during processing, it is lactose-free. If you miss milk because you’re lactose intolerant, so ghee is a healthier choice for you.

It’s an attractive substitute to butter, which can be a safe supplement to your diet if eaten in moderation. We hope the answer to the question, ‘Can I use butter instead of ghee,’ is clear and you know all its benefits. 

Butter vs. ghee: why ghee is a better butter?

If you still wonder about the question, “Can I use butter instead of ghee or not?” the straight answer is no. Ghee is a better butter for some obvious reasons. Let’s check the reasons.

  • Higher Smoke Point: Ghee provides a higher smoke point, around 485°F (250°C), making it ideal for high-temperature cooking without burning.
  • Lactose-Free and Casein-Free: Ghee is clarified butter, making it suitable for those with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies.
  • Rich Nutty Flavor: Ghee’s distinct, nutty taste enhances dishes without overwhelming them, adding a unique depth of flavor.
  • Longer Shelf Life: Because of its low moisture content, ghee has a longer shelf life than regular butter.
  • Healthy Fat Profile: Ghee contains a balanced ratio of saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats, making it a heart-healthy option.
  • Nutrient Retention: During the clarification process, Ghee retains more fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K2) than regular butter.
  • Traditional Medicine Benefits: Ayurvedic and holistic medicine recognizes ghee for its digestive and health-supporting properties.
  • Versatility: Ghee is versatile for cooking, baking, and even drizzling over dishes, offering a flavorful and healthier alternative to butter.

Are you still confused about “Can I use butter instead of ghee?” We can call ghee a better butter for the above-narrated reasons.

How to use ghee instead of butter?

You can easily substitute ghee for butter in various cooking and baking applications. Here’s how to use ghee instead of butter and the answer to the query: Can I use butter instead of ghee?

  • Cooking and Sautéing: Use ghee instead of butter when sautéing vegetables, searing meats, or frying. Its high smoke point prevents burning.
  • Baking: Replace butter with an equal amount of ghee in baking recipes. Ghee adds a rich flavor and moisture to baked goods.
  • Roasting: Coat vegetables or meats with ghee before roasting to enhance flavor and prevent drying.
  • Butter Spreads: Spread ghee on toast, muffins, or pancakes like regular butter for a nuttier flavor.
  • Stir-Fries: Add ghee to stir-fries for a unique taste and to prevent sticking.
  • Grilling: Brush ghee on grilled vegetables, seafood, or meats for a delicious char and flavor.
  • Popcorn: Drizzle melted ghee over popcorn and season with your preferred spices for a flavorful snack.
  • Bulletproof Coffee or Tea: Blend ghee into your morning coffee or tea for a creamy, dairy-free option with a rich taste.
  • Sautéed Greens: Use ghee to sauté spinach, kale, or other leafy greens for a delightful side dish.
  • Indian Cuisine: In traditional Indian cooking, ghee is a staple. Use it in dal, curries, and biryanis to enhance authenticity and flavor.

When substituting ghee for butter, you’ll find that it adds a distinct, nutty flavor to your dishes while offering several potential health benefits. Now you know, Can I use butter instead of ghee or not?  

Be aware that ghee has a higher fat content than butter, so you may need to adjust quantities accordingly. It’s also worth considering your taste preferences and dietary needs when switching.

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