If you think, ‘can I use butter instead of ghee,’ here’s your answer

  • August 17, 2021
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Can I use butter instead of ghee?

The answer is yes. By simmering butter, which would be typically churned from milk, ghee is made. Impurities from the crust are skimmed as well as the pure liquid fat is preserved. It discards any solid trace. By this concept, since it is milk-based at its heart, ghee can be called a dairy product. With this, you must question whether ghee falls in the dairy-free category or not and maybe ‘can I use butter instead of ghee’? If that’s what you are thinking, let’s dive into the discussion-

Does ghee count as a non-dairy product?

Ghee is gluten-free in its natural state, just like all ingredients; before determining that it is 100 percent healthy, you have to check its ingredient content. Although dairy doesn’t really contain gluten, certain dairy products cause complications due to a protein called casein for those who cannot tolerate gluten. Although casein is not gluten, it has a similar effect on individuals with diseases that are susceptible to gluten. 

What about lactose tolerance?

If your question is over lactose sensitivity, ghee can still be acceptable for consumption. Most of the lactose is lost whenever the milk fat is skimmed or stained away when ghee is heated to make clarified butter. Ghee has a very low lactose content, making it acceptable for certain individuals with lactose intolerance or allergy to drink it. To feel the side effects of lactose intolerance, you should be highly susceptible to lactose because ghee includes only traces of lactose.

This means it is safe for people with lactose intolerance, and if they still think. ‘can I use butter instead of ghee‘ then the answer is no if you are lactose intolerant. 
Can I use butter instead of ghee
Can I use butter instead of ghee

During the ghee production process, milk solids are now almost entirely eliminated, and good butter fats that’s all that’s left behind. There is basically no lactose because of this, but even though some dairy products appear to induce an adverse reaction, ghee is much less likely to be toxic. They target proteins in our immune responses. Ghee contains neither of those because it is just fat and hence can usually be tolerated, even by people with extreme lactose intolerance.

Technically, since it’s butterfat, ghee isn’t dairy-free. However, since all of the milk solids are completely absorbed during processing, it is lactose-free. If you miss milk because you’re lactose intolerant, so ghee is a healthier choice for you. It’s an attractive substitute to butter, which can be a safe supplement to your diet if eaten in moderation. We hope now the answer to the question, ‘can I use butter instead of ghee,’ now clear, and you know all its benefits. 

Can I use butter instead of ghee
Can I use butter instead of ghee

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